Pop TV: Episode 6

Sorry this was so late, I’m just your average procrastinator. Anyways, here’s the episode, enjoy…


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 6

Shark Tooth

That Tuesday…

*School bell rings as a bunch of students, including Piper and Jack, walk into Early Poptropica Academy. As Piper is opening her locker, along with Jack, as they have lockers right near each other, Emma, Hannah and Lindsey walk up to them.*

Emma: Where the heck were you yesterday?

Piper: We just went on a huge adventure! We went to-

Jack: Um, our grandparent’s house! We went to our grandparent’s house in um, East Bay City!

Hannah: Sounds fun.

Lindsey: Sounds boring. You like totally missed that hilarious assembly yesterday about Zoey going missing. A ton of kids thought you two went missing too cause you were like, not at school.

Emma: Sadly, you came back. Boo hoo.

*The three girls laugh and walk away.*

Piper: What’s their problem?

Jack: Piper! You almost told them about, you know!

Piper: We’re not supposed to tell anyone?

Jack: No! We told you a million times not to!

Piper: Oh, right. You don’t have to be mean about it though.

Jack: Look, I know I may sound mean but I’m doing it for a reason-

*Bell rings*

Jack: Nevermind, we better head to math class before we’re late…


After school…

Jack: OK, let’s get ready to head to Shark Tooth Island.

Piper: Yay, adventure! Let’s go tell Mrs. and Mr…what’s even their last name?

Jack: Sandbox, the weirdest last name ever. Sounds like a toddler came up with it.

Piper: I like it. Let’s go tell Mrs. and Mr. Sandbox that we shall be leaving shortly….

Jack: But first, let me show you what I’m bringing, I’m all prepared. I got this backpack and filled it with all the essentials, like food, water, a first aid kit, a map, Mom’s old phone, since you ruined mine…

Piper: Sorry…

Jack: Moving on, I packed some sunscreen, two walkie talkies, my camera, and…

Piper: What else could you possibly bring?

Jack: These lovely surf boards!

*Jack holds up surf boards and makes funny pose*

Piper: We’re gonna go surfing?!

Jack: Yup. Shark Tooth has some of the best waves, ya know.

Piper: Gnarly…

*Just then Amelia walks downstairs*

Jack: Oh hey Mom. We were just gonna go to Shark Tooth Island to see if Dr. Hate is there.

Amelia: I know, I could hear you too screaming about it from upstairs.

Jack: That was Piper…

Amelia: Anyways, is it ok if I come with you? One of my brothers lives there, and I haven’t visited him in a while.

Jack: Um, you don’t have a brother. You don’t have any siblings Mom…

Amelia: Ha, I’m just messing with you. I am the cool mom, after all. I may come from a long line of explorers and aviators, but I am an only child. I just want to come to make sure you don’t get hurt.

Piper: Oh, OK. Can we just go now, I’m bored.

Amelia: Yeah, let’s go.

Jack: Shouldn’t we say bye to dad first?

Amelia: He already knows, don’t worry. I can maneuver the blimp, Shark Tooth is pretty close to here…

On Shark Tooth Island…

Piper: Yay, we’re here! Let’s go surfing!

Amelia: Didn’t we just come here to stop Dr. Hare?

Jack: Oh, and isn’t there that huge evil shark here? What is his name again?

Amelia: The Great Booga Shark?

Jack: Yeah, that’s it.

Piper: Did you say, shark?

Jack: What were you expecting, this island is literally named Shark Tooth.

Piper: I don’t want to go surfing until I get that “Great Booga Shark” outta here!

Jack: Well, do that if you want, I guess, I’m just gonna go looking around this minuscule island for any signs of you know who.

Amelia: I’m gonna go to the beach, text me.

Jack: OK, let’s do this. Hmm, lemme check the Shark Museum first…

Inside the Shark Museum…

Jack: Hmm, some guy named Professor Hammerhead has gone missing too? Oh, that was back in 1997, can’t be Dr. Hare…but that guy could be…

Shark Boy: I am a shark…blah blah blah (random shark facts)

Jack: What do you want? I know it’s you, Dr. Hare, give up!

Shark: Um, who’s that?

Jack: He’s you! He wears a bunny suit, you wear a shark suit, there is something oddly suspicious about that…

Shark Boy: Geez, I’m just a dude with no life. *sigh* You’re the third complainer this week. You know what, I quit this dumb job, I quit! I’m gonna go leave this isolated island and make a living in a whatever-part of Bay City by starting a famous PopTube channel! *runs out of museum*

Jack: OK, then. I need to look harder, I guess…


Piper: Ooh, “Medicine Man”…

*reading the sign below a huge palm tree*

Piper: Maybe he can help…

*climbs tree*

A few minutes later…

Piper: I said, give me the magical shark go-away potion. NOW!

Medicine Man: Just, just leave me alone! I said a million times that only locals can have my medicines and potions, cause every tourist is exactly like you!

Piper: I said, now…

Medicine Man: Don’t hurt me, just take it, take it! I don’t care anymore, just leave me alone!

*Medicine Man hands Piper a coconut with a potion that will make the Great Booga fall asleep in it, then jumps off the tree and runs away screaming.*

Piper: Go Piper, go Piper, yeah!


Jack: Maybe Dr. Hare is in these creepy dark scary ancient shark temple ruins…

*Enters ruins*

Jack: Oh gosh, it’s dark in here. Good thing I brought my flashlight! I’m always prepared…

*Opens backpack and looks around inside*

Jack: I knew I was forgetting something. Guess I’ll just have to keep looking somewhere else…

*A quick glimpse of Dr. Hare is seen behind Jack as he walks out of the ruins.*

Back to Piper…

*She walks over to the place where the Great Booga should be. At the same time, a little boy is seen swimming into the water with his mom standing nearby.*

Mom: OK, be careful Timmy!


*No one does anything*

Piper: Time to see what this coconut can do.

*She throws the coconut right at the Great Booga, hitting it right in the head, causing it to fall unconscious.*

Piper: I don’t think that was how it was supposed to work but OK…

*The boy swims back to shore and hugs his mom. They walk away.*

Piper: Not even a thank you? Rude…

*Just then Jack walks to Piper in one direction, and some old guy swims over to her in the opposite one.*

Jack: Couldn’t find Dr. Hare anywhere WOAH WHO THE HECK IS THAT?!

Professor Hammerhead: I’m Professor Hammerhead. I was trapped on that tiny little island over there for decades, thanks to that beastly shark, but thanks to you, I am home once again! Not that it matters anyway, everyone thinks I’m dead.

Jack: You were that guy who had a statue in that museum. It said you died in 1997, lol.

Professor: Weird. Anyways, here’s this medallion as a thank you, I’ll be leaving to see if anyone still remembers me, bye! *walks away*

Jack: Another medallion? What the heck is going on here?

Piper: We should ask whoever those people are.

Jack: Yeah, I don’t know that group’s name either. I don’t think they even have one to be honest.

Piper: We need to go back to Sky Island and ask them about these mysterious but totally rad medallions!

*Amelia walks over*

Amelia: I’m sorry to burst your bubble, or should I say blimp, but it’s getting late, and you still have homework to do, so we should just go tomorrow.

Piper: OK, fine…I never got to surf though!

Jack: And we never found Dr. Hare! Heck, I bet he left the island by now!

Amelia: It’s ok, calm down. We’ll come back here another day, I promise…

*They enter the blimp and fly away into the sunset.*


(As the credits play, Shark Boy is seen on a boat docking in East Bay City. He is then seen walking down the street only to find everyone laughing at him, he forgot to take the shark suit off.

Shark Boy: I hate my life…)


5 thoughts on “Pop TV: Episode 6

  1. These episodes just get better and better! Lol when you said ‘you know who’ I was like VOLDEMORT ALERT VOLDEMORT ALERT!! XD


  2. “Just your average procrastinator”

    Nah, my boi and I have procrastinated way more. We’re the kings of procrastination in our school


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