Pop TV: Episode 7


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 7

I Can Fly!

That Wednesday…

*The school bell rings and Piper and Jack are seen in math class, sitting in the front row. Jack is sharpening a pencil, frustrated cause the point keeps breaking, while Piper falls asleep, mumbling things about emojis and unicorns. A nerdy girl sits next to Jack, reading a book about calculus, and a troublemaker boy is next to Piper, throwing a paper plane at the teacher.*

Teacher: Ahem.

Troublemaker: Sorry Mrs. David…

Teacher: More like another detention for you, Brian Brad Brown. Anyways, class…

Piper: *snores*

Teacher: Listen up!

Piper: *quickly wakes up* Wha-what?!

Teacher: As you all know, your geometry project is due today. Come up to the front and hand them to me.

*All the students run up and form a line. The nerdy girl hands in her project in a neat, over organized binder with plastic covering over all the papers. Brian folds his project, which is just a sloppy piece of paper, into another paper plane and throws it at Mrs. David once again. But when it gets to Piper’s and Jack’s turn…*

Jack: Wait, there was a project due?

Teacher: Yes, it was assigned on Monday, and you just had to miss that day of school. You should have just asked me for the work you missed. Did you even get your other homework done?

Jack: Um…yes? I uh, left it at home?

Teacher: An obvious lie. You should be ashamed of yourself, young man. Let’s see if Piper did hers…

Piper: How am I supposed to do any of this work if I don’t even know what the heck we’re learning!!! I joined this school last week, you can’t expect me to be perfect…

Teacher: Excuses, excuses. You young man will be getting a phone call to your parents, and for the girl, I guess I’ll call her “guardians”. Go back to your seat, you have failed…ok, today’s lesson will be about…

Piper: *sits down and starts crying*

Jack: *breaks pencil he couldn’t sharpen in half*


After school…

*Piper and Jack walk through the front door to see Octavian and Amelia standing right there.*

Octavian: We need to talk…

*The four of them are then seen sitting at the dining table.*

Amelia: I can’t believe your grades, you’re totally failing.

Octavian: Not to mention the phone call we got from your math teacher earlier.

Amelia: So we’ve been thinking, and it’s pretty obvious why you can’t catch up with schoolwork: your adventuring. We have decided that maybe you should stop with it until you can figure out how to make time for homework.

Piper: This is the worst day ever…*starts crying again and runs up to the bedroom*

Jack: But, what about Dr. Hare, he could get away and…

Octavian: Someone else can go look for him. Maybe even me and your mother.

Jack: You mean, your mother and I.

Octavian: That was unnecessary.

Jack: But Dad, please, let us find Dr. Hare. Once we stop him, we can end this whole adventuring thing and catch up with school. Maybe we could find him today!

Amelia: Hmm, maybe you’re right. But you must promise to do all your homework first, and eat dinner. OK?

Jack: Thank you Mom, lemme go tell Piper…*runs upstairs*

Piper (screaming and shaking the whole house): THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!

One hour and 23 minutes later…

*Jack and Piper land the blimp on Sky Island, and hop out.*

Piper: Don’t you think it’s bad that we got all those answers online…

Jack: That doesn’t matter when the fate of Poptropica is in our hands. Let’s go ask those people about the medallions and where Dr. Hare could be.

*They walk inside that little building. Only one person is there, that woman called Melissa who is checking the Dr. Hare radar.*

Melissa: Oh, hey there, Jack and Piper. You came at a bad time, lol.

Jack: What’s wrong?

Melissa: The whole group is on Shark Tooth, looking for Dr. Hare. And a few others are doing top secret stuff that even I don’t know about.

Piper: Oh.

Jack: Wait, we were there yesterday! We couldn’t find him, though. But we got another medallion. What even are these medallions, anyway?

Melissa: I’m sorry, but I’m not so sure. I only joined this organization a couple weeks ago, so they don’t trust me with that information yet.

Piper: Dang it!

Melissa: You can come back Ina few days or so and ask, I guess. Anyway, it would be a big help if you went to this little island right off of the eastern part of Bay City, we have found that there’s some trouble going on over there. Be warned though, that part of town is obsessed with super heroes.

Jack: Did you say, trouble? Wait wait wait, there are more villains than just Dr. Hare?

Melissa: Yup, sadly. Dr. Hare is just our main threat right now. I’m not so sure, but a bunch of new villains have started their evil plans in the past few days. It’s really weird…

Piper: *eyes grow wide* NO WAY!

Jack: What even happened on, “Super Hero Island” or whatever it’s called?

Melissa: Apparently some radioactive meteor crashed right into the local prison and now a bunch of the prisoners have super powers. Yeah, it’s weird. So go over there and help stop them!

Jack: OK then. This sure will be interesting…

On the Island…

*Lots of screaming is heard as they land on the island. Police are ever weird. The glowing green meteor is right near them, as the prison is only like 10 feet away from the main island.*

Police: OK, here are the files on the villains. They are robbing the bank and just causing mayhem, please stop them. Also here are two pairs of handcuffs to trap them and limit their powers. Thank goodness you two are helping, I retire tomorrow!

Jack: *flips through files* Looks like we have to stop Copy Cat, Speeding Spike, Crusher, Ratman, Sir Rebral, and Betty Jetty…what kinda names are these?!

Piper: *walks over to meteor* Ooh what will happen if I touch it?

Jack and Police: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Piper: Boop! *touches meteor*

Jack: Seriously… I don’t even wanna see what happens to her, I’m just gonna go stop Copy Cat…

*Jack walks into the bank and punches Copy Cat in the face, handcuffing her before she can multiply herself. He also goes and punches Crusher, Sir Rebral, and Ratman the same way.*


Piper: Woah my hands feels all ticklish…

*Her hand glows green for a minute, and then her whole body for a brief second, before she returns to normal.*

Piper: Oh come on, nothing even happened!

*Just then, she starts floating in the air*

Piper: Oh my gosh, I can fly!

*Flies up into the air*

Piper: Wee! Oh wait, who’s that!

Betty Jetty: Catch me if you can, sucker! *flies away*

Piper: Uh oh…*flies after her*


*Jack is seen running after Speeding Spike in a subway car.*

Jack: Uh, uh, please just stop, I can’t do this anymore…

*Jack collapses on the ground, right on top of Speeding Spike. After laying there for a few minutes, he gets up, handcuffs Spike, and walks him to the prison, where he sees Piper…*

Betty Jetty: Haha, you’ll never catch up to me! *shoots out green electric balls*

Piper: Ugh! *dodges balls*

Betty Jetty: When will you ever give up?!

Piper: Yay, I’m almost there, wait, what?!

*She starts falling*

Piper: Oh no, my flight powers are going away, I didn’t touch the meteor long enough! AAAAAH SOMEONE, HELP!!!

Jack: I’ll get you! *Catches Piper right before she hits the ground.*

Piper: But we need to stop Betty Jetty!

*Betty Jetty floats down to the ground.*

Betty Jetty: You can’t stop me! I’m- OOOF!

*Some nerd punches her in the face, sending her launching in the sky.*

Nerdy Kid: I am Ned Noodlehead, I mean, Super Hot Dog Boy, and I have saved you all!

People: Hooray!

Mayor: Here, take this medallion, you deserve it. *wipes tear*

Jack: What the heck, we did all the work. Ugh, whatever, let’s go home…

*The two of them walk back to the blimp, Piper grabbing the medallion out of Ned’s hands before they fly away, never to return.*


(As the credits roll, Ned is seen running away from a bunch of crowds.

Ned: I just want to go back to my comic shop, help!)

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