I’ve Made My Decision

Pop TV will be on hiatus until New Pop comes out and will be rewritten from the beginning. 

I know, I know, it’s not what the majority of you wanted, as seen by the poll. But here’s the thing. If a graphic novel could ruin the series, New Pop definitely will. And I’m going to be starting school soon, maybe it’s for the best.

I could have just changed a few details, but it just doesn’t work like that. Octavian has hinted about being from Earth many, many times, I can’t make him suddenly change his mind, that would make the series even worse. I’m not going to continue with the original story, as I want Pop TV to be as canon as possible, and I’m not canceling it for good, because I like the story too much, I don’t want it to end up like Totem Curse.

However, it may be a little confusing to new readers about which Pop TV is the post-New Pop one and which one was the cancelled one. That being said, I will go ahead and change the name of the original 7 Pop TV episodes to Pop TV: The Pilot Episodes. The post-New Pop series will be called Pop TV: Secret of the Medallion.

Many, many shows have pilots that introduce some of the main characters and stuff like that, but those are just made so that the real show will be created, they aren’t canon or anything. That’s what I’ll be doing. There will be the same main characters, but Octavian is not going to be Jack’s dad or Amelia’s husband, as it is hinted in the Lost Expedition that he already has a family back in Pompeii. Octvaian will be replaced with an original character who will have a similar, but more a minor role as him. Octavian will still appear in Secret of the Medallion, just with a very different role than before. Piper and Jack will pretty much be the same, except I’m gonna make Jack a little nicer. Zoey will be EXACTLY the same, she has an awesome backstory that will not be affected by any of the graphic novels, and she will become a pretty major character after Episode 13. Dr. Hare will probably still be the main villain for the first half of Season 1. Yes, SotM will still have 3 Seasons with 26 Episodes. And that’s only the beginning…

Pop TV: Secret of the Medallion is going to be way better, the wait will be worth it. I promise that I will not let anything ruin this series ever again.

-Tall Cactus


4 thoughts on “I’ve Made My Decision

  1. WAIT! the odds changed:
    Keep it as how it was gonna be, don’t worry about it being canon! 60% (9 votes)

    Change a few details, but don’t cancel it! 33.33% (5 votes)

    Cancel the series! 6.67% (1 votes)

    Wait until New Pop comes out and redo it. New Pop could ruin everything! 0% (0 votes)

    Total Votes: 15

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