Goodbye Summer Break, Hello New School Year!

‘Ello , TC here once again. Happy Labor Day to all the American Poptropicans, myself included!

But today is also something else…

It’s the last day of summer break for me, which means…

I had a great three months of relaxation, blogging, and playing on my phone all day, but I have to start school again tomorrow morning. I’m not saying that I don’t want to go to school, in fact I really should, it’s just that won’t be as active in the community.

You may be like, “But TC, you were super active in the spring, and you had school then!” Well, here’s the thing. For reasons I will not be explaining, I will be getting home from school a couple hours later than I did last year. Sprinkle in some homework and other real life duties, and you got yourself some inactivity stew.

Fortunately, I promise you that I will try to come on Discord for at least an hour or two every weeknight, and that my blog will stay as active as ever!

That brings us to the topic of weekends, holidays, breaks, etc. I will be on a lot more during the weekend and other days when I have off from school, but keep in mind that I will also be writing and scheduling the week’s planned posts ahead of time every Saturday and Sunday. This will allow me to be more active during the school week, even if it takes a couple hours away from my weekend.

As for the unplanned posts, any news or game update posts will probably be a few hours to a few days late, depending on how busy I am and if I’m at school when the news is announced. I may eventually end up doing a “Weekly Wrap-Up” series once New Pop is about to release and we are getting actual news for once. Not 100% sure though.

That wraps up today’s little update post, folks. See ya in my next post, and if you are starting school soon too, or if you already have, then I hope you’re having fun and learning something new!

Tall Cactus



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