Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Awkward Moments in Poptropica Part 1

This post is kinda a joke, don’t take it too seriously.


One day in Poptropica, I was bored, so I decided to go to Early Poptropica!

The first thing I noticed was how fashionable the people are here. They should be on Project Runway!

It’s called sarcasm, kids.


They really need to fix that up. But seriously though, it’s been leaking for years, and it’s still only a puddle? Or they keep cleaning up the water but not the actual hole in the tower. Guess those people not only have no fashion sense, but no common sense!

Later I went to the Pop Art Museum.


I don’t care if you don’t wanna share personal info, but at least spell it don’t and not don’ t! What a fake…


Also a fake, the REAL whatever-his-name-is wouldn’t know that they’re from the past. And “lived”.




Ugh, I’m done with this dumb museum. I’m heading to Poptropica Towers.


Great, now they’re racist? I’m leaving this dumb island and heading back to Home Island!

On Home Island…


1. The Wheel of Fortune thing is STILL up? It’s been way longer than a month!

2. And come on, the winter costume people are still standing there? I first noticed that in February, they seriously should have switched that by now, don’t ya think? Lazy Creators…

I think I’m gonna go to the arcade now.


Headphone buddies!


Wha-what? THIS ISN’T AN ARCADE! Lies! I should have just gone to the arcade on…Early Poptropica!


Runs away before rant starts…

-Tall Cactus



11 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Awkward Moments in Poptropica Part 1

  1. I know, right? Those people have no fashion sense! Unlike us players that have outfits that would cost thousands of dollars ( or should I say… Credits) in poptropica, especially because they’re ASGs


  2. Lololol, yes they should REALLY go on project runway!! They’d all win.. XD heh.. and the arcade in home island is STILL the Pathfinders common room! Gosh Creators!! Well.. I am a Seraphim so I guess it’s fine.. for me..


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