Throwback Thursdays: Rise of the SUIs (2013-2015)


Sadly, the golden years of 2010 to 2012 didn’t last forever, everything changed, for the better or worse. It wasn’t all bad though, as some really awesome updates came out, along with a new generation of islands, the SUIs, or sound updated islands.

Let us begin…


The beginning of 2013, was, well, normal. Other than the fact that Poptropolis Games sank and was unplayable for months upon months.


Two other islands popped into the game to replace Poptropolis in its absence, those being Night Watch and Back Lot.

In other news, the Creators set off on a journey of epic proportions to make a Poptropica Lego set! And failed. And those lame people behind the whole Lego Cuusoo thing decided that a Ghostbusters anniversary set should be released instead. Yay…


Rest in pieces…literally…

But around halfway through the year, things began to change. After getting some hints at Poptropolis’s return, Mocktropica and Virus Hunter, Beta Carrotene released to members.

What was that, you ask? Well…


Yup, it was the first ever SUI. Nothing would ever be the same again in the world of Poptropica. Never.

In the following months, Virus Hunter and later Mocktropica were released, along with an SUI version of Time Tangled and some other prizes and updates, mainly advertising these islands. I don’t have much else to say, so let’s just move on…


The year began with Monster Carnival, a mysterious island that was originally gonna come out in 2008 but was removed…until now, that is. Following its release, many other islands were released, them being Survival, Mission Atlantis, PoptropiCon, and Arabian Nights. The Creators were trying out this whole “episodic island” idea, meaning many of the islands I mentioned didn’t wrap up until 2015.

Mythology and Shrink Ray were also converted into SUIs. All new islands from this point were SUIs too.

As for Arabian Nights, it was the winner of the Poptropica Dream Island Conest, where people submitted ideas for islands and the winning one would actually be made! But since it was limited to kids 6-13 from the US only, some of the runner-ups were a little, bad…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seriously Creators, “Bikes and Boards Island” is literally a copy of Teen Beach Movie, the guy even said a movie inspired them to make it! Don’t plagiarize, kids, just don’t…

Many other updates occurred as Poptropica was moving onto the new generation of SUIs. More books were released, there was a Poptropica music volume of all the new tracks, Poptropica Land, the beta for Realms was popping all over the place, and heck, an app was made!

It seemed like a pretty decent year, it’s just that I haven’t been able to really connect with all these Throwbacksi wand tactically playing the game just yet. Then 2015 came along…


Aaah, this year brings back so many memories. Well, actually it’s the first year that I had any memories of Pop at all because I started playing in good ol’ March 2015. Either way, 2015 was so packed with updates, it was awesome.

The year began with the release of…


And then…


Look, I’m sorry, I just find Realms kinda boring and GHD…you know how I feel about that. The other new islands of ’15 included the last two episodes of Arabian Nights, the epic finale of the PoptropiCon trilogy, Mystery of the Map (more details on that in just a sec), Timmy Failure, and Escape From Pelican Rock.

And starting through the winter months, lasting for several months, the Creators posted the online version of the first Pop graphic novel, Mystery of the Map, on their blog. Sadly, all the pics containing the novel were deleted, but now you can buy the print version in bookstores everywhere. As mentioned above, an island based on it released in May-June.


They also did some Comic series too, but alas…


On April 1st, the Creators pranked us with “Poptropica: The Text Adventure“…


This one is the best by far xD


However, the second half of the year was packed with updates, giveaways, and contests.

It all started in late May and into June with the Hall of Fame. Basically, you tried to earn as many medallion as you can (yes, you could restart), and each one would give you one chance of winning out of some drawing. Each week, for four weeks, one player would be picked out of millions to guest star in an island!

I mean, standing around on Main Street forever, replacing a random NPC, literally saying the same thing as them. Whatever, it was totally awesome anyway, I’m still mad that they never did it again this year like they said they would. *cries*


In July, they did the Daily Pop-In Prize. I clearly remember logging into Pop every morning for two weeks straight, earning credits, fart guns, some twin power, and more. And thankfully this was before I got membership, so the credits actually had meaning to me!


But July was also a month of sadness. It was bad that I wasn’t a member yet.

Seven islands became members only.

I almost quit, I was trying to complete every island, and now I couldn’t. So I stopped playing the ones I could play, I attempted glitching and just hung out in multiverse rooms.

Oh but then in August Home Island popped out of nowhere and I got membership the following month!

I was back to normal just in time for Pop’s 8th birthday celebration. 2015’s party was more than just popping those balloons in common rooms, it was much more…

Also during the month of September a Photo Booth opened on Home Island, and in October the Creators celebrated Halloween with a spooky little contest!

And in November, a Reality TV World Champions Map opened, and the race was on!


Bragging warning: I got 3rd, hehe…


Finally, to wrap this eventful year up (yeah, sorry this section was so long, I just had so much more to say since I experienced all of this), the Island Hopper Sweepstakes, the biggest giveaway Poptropica has ever known, officially began and lasted into the holiday season.


They gave away toys, memberships, and the grand prize, of course…


I don’t know why, but they never posted that call on the Creators’ Blog like they said, but congrats to the other winners anyway!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During the last days of 2015, the Creators celebrated one great year by making their own recap! I actually forgot to add a few things myself, so you can catch up even further by looking at ze pic below:


Midnight on New Years’ Eve marked the beginning of 2016. This year. I hate to put this series on pause, but we’ll have to wait till next week to discuss what happened durning the last 9 months.

See ya in my next post, Poptropicacti!

-Tall Cactus

PS: Oh, I almost forgot, an amazing app came out in 2013!


Pretty sure it should be renamed “Poptropica: The Forgotten App”…

Good riddance…



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