Pop’s 9th Birthday “Review”

Let’s just say, compared to last year, this year’s annual birthday celebration was…


First of all, it is a week late. Second of all, it is boring. And third of all, it’s main theme is CATS, because of that whole “nine lives” phrase or something.

But I hate cats. Sorry cat lovers and Creators, I prefer dogs.

Add the traditional birthday balloon and a cake hat (with a cat on it) and you got yourself one amazing birthday celebration to remember!

Final Rating: 0.9/9 

Look, I’m sorry if I’m being so negative right now, I’m just kinda mad about the whole cat thing just because I dislike the animal, not game. And even though most previous birthdays were a hat and balloon too, last year’s was this huge event with an Early Poptropica world champions map and cute 8-pixel pigs and throwing cakes and unique and fun stuff that it made this year’s look worse than it even is.

Creators, I understand if you’re busy with New Pop, but that’s no excuse to do such a lazy job on the CURRENT Pop’s birthday of all things.

Then again, I have very high hopes for Pop’s 10th birthday next year…

-Tall Cactus

PS- I kinda rushed on this post, don’t judge.

PPS- If you’re reading this, Creators, I’m sorry.


4 thoughts on “Pop’s 9th Birthday “Review”

  1. I personally thought that the concept of the ‘nine lives’ thing was kinda neat,however, the store items are quite lousy. At least it was better than last year’s pig event.


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