Blog Jog: The Poptropica Fandom!

Hey Poptropicacti, welcome to the Poptropica Community Marathon, you’re here just in time! The race is just beginning to find some amazing Pop blogs on this lovely jog of ours. Why waste any more time with these awkward intros when we should get going?




The first blog to be featured in Blog Jog is The Poptropica Fandom! (


It’s run by Bony Fox and Short Dolphin, and let’s just say, this blog is awesome and totally deserving of the first Blog Jog post. Even though it was only made on August 15th of this year, and yet there aren’t too many posts at the moment, the existing ones are very creative, detailed, and unique, three things that are a must for me. No ad posts here, hehe. They even have an art gallery. You know my profile pic? Well, that was drawn by Short Dolphin!

To wrap things up, The Poptropica Fandom has a lot of potential, so that’s why I ask that you give it a read, it’ll be worth it. Trust me, there is a reason this post was so short, I want you to explore the blogs I feature for yourself, not just reading a summary.

And now a new question lingers: which fan site will be next? Stayed tuned for the next Blog Jog post, so we can continue the race we’ve started.

-Tall Cactus


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