Skinny Moon’s Obession with Halloween Part 2: Will This Ever End?!



So. Annoying. Right?

Can we just have some New Pop stuff, please? And not a worm? Sorry if I’m being rude, I’m just so sick and tired of this.

I can’t wait for November to come so all this nonsense can finally end. Hopefully there won’t have to be a Part 3 of this…

Tall Cactus Is Sick of Halloween 

The countdown to Night of the Evil Robutts remains at 2 days

Theory Thursdays: Your Possessed Poptropican

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Nothing in the world of Pop is what it seems, it is surrounded by so much mystery. That’s why we theorizists like to discover these secrets. Yet, sometimes people totally miss the most obvious facts, it’s ridiculous. I may be the only one to ever point out that your Poptropican is definitely possessed by the…



That is pure evil right there, folks. It controls everything you do, everywhere you walk…


Your feelings…


Your thoughts…


Heck, it seems like every character in Pop is possessed, they keep repeating the same phrases over and over!

But wait a second, how is this “Arrow Spirit” evil if your Poptropican is saving all the islands under its possession? Well, let me explain the full and totally (not) true story behind it all…

Once there was a delinquent child. That delinquent child is you. Well, I mean, not really you, but, ugh I don’t know how to explain. Anyways, this delinquent child was always being controlled, by teachers, parents, the police, you name it. So when they would go to sleep, they would dream of being in this fantastical land…but they were always having to follow the Evil Arrow Spirit, making them the heroes they truly weren’t. That dream, or should I say nightmare, is Poptropica, and there is no escape, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Or, maybe it’s just because Poptropica is a computer game. But I like my version better…

-Tall Cactus

Night of the Evil Robutts Countdown: 2 DAYS! 

Rant: Skinny Moon’s Obsession with Halloween

Ah, the Creators’ Blog. You know, the place where Poptropica news is posted first, officially. It’s been around since 2008, and won’t be going anywhere unless Poptropica does too. It’s the one blog where I’m totally fine with the posts being mainly news, the reason for that is pretty obvious.

But then there are posts like this…


Is this really necessary? I’m sorry Skinny Moon, but I don’t really care about Halloween that much. I prefer Christmas. And NEW POP NEWS.  Seriously, she’s going a little overboard on the holiday, just think about it for a second.






I could go on and on about this, but then I’d go crazy in rage, I don’t want this to happen again…


Cringes in regret and utter embarrassment.

However, there’s one more thing I’d like to discuss in a calmer manner. That being this year’s Halloween Photo Booth contest.


Not all of us have social media. I don’t, even though I am old enough now. And especially the majority of your fans, kids too young to have these 13+ accounts. Last year, anyone who made a photo was entered in the contest. This year, the number of entries will decrease dramatically. I can understand why #PoptropicaArt was on social media, but this makes no sense, it worked fine last year! You may say kids can just ask their parents to post their pictures for them, but some parents may not want to. You never know.

I’m not entering. I already have membership anyway.

-Tall Cactus

Skinny Moon- if you somehow read this, please don’t be mad. I just suggest that you talk about other topics, like more New Oop sneak peaks, not just Halloween, and to make any future contests not be on social media. Thank you.



Making Night of the Evil Robutts end at midnight, yeah, not the best idea ever.

The party will now be from 7-8 PM to 9-10 PM EST. These times are not exact, so be sure to look for an official starting time on my server on the 29th.

Bye, and sorry for all you folks who live in different time zones.

Tall Cactus 

Popspiracy: When will New Poptropica release?

The Robutts are coming, and so is New Pop…

🏝 Poptropica Help Blog 💫

(This is a guest post by Tall Cactus, who regularly blogs on her own site, Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog. Please note that this post is about a theory, and not to be taken as fact. With that said, enjoy! –🐠)


Hey Poptropicans, TC here! As you may know, last week a sneak peek for the upcoming New Poptropica was released: an animation of a monster worm. I actually think the worm is for the mysterious Crisis Caverns, which I believe could possibly be on the New Pop, but that isn’t what I want to discuss in this guest post.

Instead, I want to focus on New Pop’s release date. Like, when is it coming out? Surprisingly, there hasn’t been much revealed on the matter. More people are wondering what the content will be, not when it’s actually going to be revealed to the world. That’s why I…

View original post 484 more words

Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Alternate Realites #3

Hello hello hello Poptropicacti, welcome back to the craziest day of the week!


This week’s topic isn’t really a surprise, as I told you what it would be last time, but oh well. If you didn’t already know, this is the third and final alternate realities post. Infinite possibilities, not enough time. Let’s get started…

Since I had started playing Pop in March 2015, and since I didn’t quit that July, I was on the path of, well, obsession. Along with a longing to join the community. I had found the PHB just days after the beginning of Tall Cactus, and just about every other blog in the weeks to follow. Like, I would read dead blogs, yeah…

The thing is, I was too scared to join. Most of the people were older than me, I was 11, later 12 then, and even if you tried to comment, you had to enter your email. So I simply was just a random stalker for months, upon months, upon months…8 or 9 to be exact, which is funny because that’s how long I’ve been in the community at the time of this post, lol.

But I wasn’t just gonna never join, I had myself a plan. I was gonna begin commenting on all my favorite blogs that upcoming summer, in the oh so mysterious 2016. I was gonna make a blog in 2017. Little did I know that New Pop would be coming out, little did I know that was too long to wait.

Just a couple months, maybe weeks, maybe days, I can’t remember when I came up with this plan, I reached my breaking point. I just had to comment. And I did, on the PHB, on December 29th, 2015. I’m not even gonna post a pic of it, it’s too embarrassing, just like this blog’s first post. At least I had good grammar.

So yeah, I commented for a few weeks, I was now planning to make a blog in the summer, but then I realized I couldn’t wait for that, either, so I made it on Janurary 16th, 2016, and the rest is history.

But, what if I did follow my plan, what if was more patient and more fearful? Well…

1. I’d probably comment and/or make a blog before planned, I seriously wanted to join the community, omg…

2. If I did somehow follow that really stupid plan, I really don’t know what would have happened…

3. I would probably try to get all my real life friends too play Pop, yet I would be embarrassed about it and they wouldn’t have stayed for long…

4. I could have lost interest in Pop or quit for real, similar to what almost happened in July 2015, when New Pop was announced on April 25th, I just needed someone with my love of the original game to discuss it with. Or I would have joined the community right then…

5. Even if I did make the blog, it wouldn’t be the same. None of the blogs I used to work on would be the same…

6. If I made a blog/commented too late, and not in the summer, I may not have been as active…

7. I may have never joined the community, ever. That’s how scared I was, period.

Yeah, not the best outcomes. Thankfully, I was a rebel to my own plan, I overcame my fears I don’t even know, and it was worth it.

Strangely, what ended up actually happening was surprising similar to BT’s MPIP, well, up to the part when she became a PHB author. What a coincidence…

Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that there will not be a Spectaclular Sunday Surprise next week. I’m reserving the day’s post for the Night of the Evil Robutts recap, wink.

-Tall Cactus 

Night of the Evil Robutts Countdown: 6 days! 

Discusssion: Too Many Costumes?!

If you’re wondering why I never posted all those new costumes and pet followers, let me explain…

Hey guys, happy Saturday! I hope you’re having a good but normal weekend. But as you saw above, that’s not the purpose of today’s post…

Ok, is it just me, or have the Creators been going a little overboard with all these new costumes lately? Like, it’s all they’ve been adding to the current game. I mean, I don’t dislike the outfits (well, most), they are actually pretty cool (again, most), and we finally have real pets (that definitely aren’t glitching, yeah, uh…) but I want something new, something, bigger, more exciting, something I can theorize about. What I mean by that is a new island, a mini-quest at least! I know they are busy with the New Pop, but these updates aren’t enough for me. That’s why I never posted about them.

I know some of you really like these outfits, good for you, I’m happy you do. You see, I’m not the kind of person who obsesses over appearance, I pick a nice look, and then I keep that look for months, I don’t change it whenever there’s a new item in the store. The islands are what I’ve always loved about Pop, well, excluding July 2015…

What do you think? Do you love all the pets and costumes, are do you want something more? Leave your thoughts down in the comments, remember, this is a discussion!

-Tall Cactus

Night of the Evil Robutts Countdown: 7 days! 

Theory Thursdays: A Quick Update

Hey guys, today I just wanted to let you know what’s gonna happen with Theory Thursdays for the next month or so. Right now, I’m kinda out of theories. Like, there’s no point on theorizing on the Current, soon to be Old Pop, New Pop is right around the corner, and I’ve ran out of ideas for New Pop predictions.

So I’m not too sure what I’ll do until New Pop releases, theory wise, that is, my other series shouldn’t be affected. Yes, I know that sneak peak was released Monday, but if you read the post, you know my pure disappointment and inner rage regarding it.

I may do another Unsolved Mysteries of Poptropica or two, since it’s been so long since the last one, and maybe even some conspiracy/joke “theories”, I’m not too sure. Cya!

-Tall Cactus 

The Best Guest Posts

Confused by the title? Well, I would like to announce that…

You can now do guest posts on TCPB! 

It can be about anything Pop related: theories, costumes, art, stories, reviews, you name it! It just needs to be appropriate with decent grammar and spelling. No word count stuff, the post can be as short or long as you’d like.

To sumbit a guest post, feel free to DM it to me on Discord, and I will decide whether to approve it or not. It’s that simple!

Happy writing,

Tall Cactus