Theory Thursdays: Will Poptropica Ever Get a TV Show?!

The day has finally come. The long awaited return of Theory Thursdays!


Before we begin, I’d like to explain something. From now until the release of he New Pop, Theory Thursdays will not be about the in-game universe of Poptropica, as all of that will be explained in, well, New Pop, along the next graphic novel, even though that doesn’t come out until April. Instead, they will mainly be focusing on topics involving the real-world part of things, such as future game features and the future of the entire franchise.

Today, as you saw on the title, we will be dissucing whether Pop will ever have an actual TV show or not. As for a movie, I doubt that unless the TV show is a success. But you never know…

First of all, what’s even the chance of them making a TV show right now, since they’re so busy with New Pop and all? Most likely impossible. But if New Pop is a success in a couple years, then maybe. Still, I can’t imagine it happening any time soon.

Let’s say that the Creators shock us all with a Poptropica cartoon, either now or in many years. What would the show even be like?

Let’s start with story. I feel it would either be about the graphic novel series or the actual in-game islands, it all depends. Though I have to admit, I hope it’s not the graphic novels, I just feel like using the islands would make a much better plot. That’s why I’m doing Pop TV: Secret of the Medallions, folks, just in case that does happen. And though the plot line itself would be very surprising, the station it would air on isn’t, actually. Let me explain.

I feel that there is a 99% chance that it would be on Cartoon Network. Why? Well, have you ever seen a Disney XD or Nickelodeon ad on Poptropica? Maybe one or two, but not nearly as many as Cartoon Network. Literally, there has been a We Bare Bears ad, that Teen Titans GO/Powerpuff Girls crossover ad, that whatever-the-new-sword-show-is-called ad from just a couple weeks ago, etc. Heck, there was even a Steven Universe ad back when SU was first releasing in 2013! If you don’t already know, that’s like my favorite cartoon of all time, so yeah.

But why does having ads about new shows that just happen to be on CN matter? You see, the Creators don’t just advertise these cartoon releases just to advertise them, they do it to earn more money to continue making the game. And who gives them the money for these ads? The thing they are advertising, of course, in this case it would by Cartoon Network. This shows that the Poptropica creators and CN creators do have some sort of connection, meaning I would be no surprise if a Pop TV show is on CN.

Back to Steven Universe, there’s something else I should explain. Recently, my favorite SU YouTuber, The Roundtable, did a video about how Steven Universe could be ending after Season 5, which will air sometime next year or 2018. CN seems to be beginning to end its current lineup of shows, he talks about his further in the video, which you can watch right here.

What does this have to do about Poptropica, you ask? Well, if CN is gonna end a bunch of its shows over the next few years, this means that a Pop TV show could be a part of the new generation of Cartoon Network. Poptropica, one of my fav things, could replace Steven Universe, one of my other fav things. Just let that sink in for a moment…

Lastly, what would the show be rated? Y7 or PG, obviously, the age range for the game itself is 6-15. Unless this changes in New Pop, I have no clue.

And yeah, I don’t have much more to say about a Pop TV show at the moment, except that you should be looking forward to my fan fic with a similar name!

-Tall Cactus

PS- Today’s my birthday! I’m officially a teenager, eeek!


5 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: Will Poptropica Ever Get a TV Show?!

  1. Happy b-day! congrats on being a teen! Even though it sucks sometimes!
    Usually the good counteracts the bad.
    but i digress. A Pop TV show would be cool. Wait, if most of the ads were from Cartoon Network, why was there no Ninjago ad?
    Or was there?
    ignore me as i slam my head against my desk.


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