Halloween Horrors…

…that aren’t actually scary, but I like the title so I’m sticking with it.

Finally, the winners have been announced! That only took a month, lol.


When you’re too lazy to actually post the pictures yourself…

In other news, this month’s Islands of the Month are Mythology and Monster Carnival, so play ’em I’d you want some cool credits and some good scares! Apparently more costumes (that are hopefully better than the Fall Fashion ones, eek) will be entering the store soon, for members only.

Another Halloween photo booth contest is also starting next week, as the exact same photo booth from last year’s celebration has returned. I made one myself a while, may just copy it to enter the contest next week, cause I love it too much.



Yet, there actually is something that’s horrifying. That is the recent Home Island update…


Not only is Amelia wearing a sweater that’s most likely from the Fall Failure I mean Fashion outfits, but…



Sorry bro, but I’m pretty sure 24 Carrot Island isn’t a place of “almost-certain death.”


7.8/10 too babyish for meh


Why is your hair blue? Thanks for the valuable lesson tho.

Yet none of this can come close to DJ Saturday Nite’s new hair dye…

See the comparison?!

I have no words right now, it’s way too sp00py for me…

-Tall Cactus/Devil DJ 


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