Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Alternate Realities

SURPRISE! No doodles this week, kiddos! This is called Spectacular Sunday Surprises, what were you expecting?


All joking aside, I’m sorry about the doodles. I just, I don’t know, I wanted to switch it up this week. But don’t fear just yet, Round 3 is next Sunday and it’s also…the last round, for now that is. Yeah. So be sure to request if you haven’t already, as there’s no limit for this final post!

Anyways, back to today’s post. I may have already posted about this true story a while back, but if you don’t know it, or I didn’t post about it, I’ll summarize it right here, right now.

Back in 2013, back in the days when I was a total tomboy, the newest Wimpy Kid book at the time, Hard Luck, was announced. I was so excited, I decided to read the original Wimpy Kid on good ol’ Funbrain. And as I slowly but steadily got through each page, I saw, you guessed it, Poptropica ads. One of them just HAD to be Virus Hunter, since it was so gross to me, I sadly did not click on it.

Later, I found the official Wimpy Kid website. Again, I saw something about Poptropica on it. Only this time, it was a direct link to the Wimpy Kid Island info pages and stuff. I watched and rewatched the trailers multiple times, I surprisingly LOVED Wimpy Boardwalk, unlike now. Heck, I even looked it up on YouTube, and found the freaking THINKNOODLES walkthrough for it. And yet I still wouldn’t play the game myself! I wouldn’t until March 2015.

But, what if I did decide to play Poptropica back in 2013? How would I be different now? Here are my thoughts on this alternate reality…

First of all, my Poptropican’s name would have a 99.9% chance of NOT being Tall Cactus. Obviously. The other things are not as easy to figure out however. Here’s one of the infinite possibilities of what could have happened…

So I’d go and play Wimpy Boardwalk first. Then I’d find Wimpy Wonderland and play that too. There weren’t any members only islands at this point, so I wouldn’t have to worry about that. And to get through those islands, I would have gotten stuck at some point, I would have used the Thinknoodles walkthroughs.

Eventually I would go and play more and more islands, using the Thinknoodles guides for all of them. And maybe, just maybe, I’d look Poptropica up online and find the PHB, find the community. I could have read just the PHB, all the other blogs, or none at all. I truly don’t know.

And if I didn’t loose interest, if I kept playing each time an island came out, if I became obsessed, maybe I would go to join the community myself. But, I was so much younger then, I just know I would have waited years, in fear, to even make a comment, I would have gone crazy and quit before I reached that point of courage.

Maybe it’s better that I started playing in 2015, when I was older. Because if I did start earlier, even if I did join the community, this blog wouldn’t exist. Tall Cactus wouldn’t exist.

-Tall Cactus


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