Theory Thursdays: Yet Another One About New Pop…

Hey all you Poptropican conspiracy theorists, that day of the week has come again, so it’s no surprise that it’s time for…


This week, we return to the mysterious New Poptropica, since its release is right around the corner. You can’t deny it, you can’t escape it, it’s coming even if you are dreading the day that it does. This is not a dream or a nightmare, it’s real and it’s being made right before our eyes. It’s…

Ok, ok, that’s enough of that. Because you know what? I don’t think New Pop is going to be that different, and here’s why.

SECTION 1: Design

If there’s one thing that’s most likely to be true, it’s that I’m 99% sure that the New Pop will have the same art style and the Poptropicans will simply look like the ones in the graphic novels, with shoes and necks and fingers.


Looks pretty similar to the Current Pop, doesn’t it? 

Maybe it’ll just look like Adventure Pig, who even knows what the Creators are planning?


SECTION 2: Plotline

Sure, the pictures in the last section pretty much explaining everything, but everything else, not so much. It’s fun to theorize about though, so here we go…

The Creators keep saying that 1. the Old Islands “won’t just disappear” and 2. there will be a story connecting all of the islands. What does this mean? To be honest, I think they will slightly edit the existing islands so they can fit into this new connected storyline. Also, they keep saying a few new islands will be released with New Pop, so I feel like at least one of those islands will include characters from other islands, similar to Super Villain Island, but with even more lore in it. However, if this is the case, than that means there won’t be any more islands released on the Current Pop. Ouch.

As for the sponsored islands, I feel like they will either be removed or not be canon. But who knows, maybe Realms will come into play and they will be different universes or something.

SECTION 3: The Website Itself (and App)

I have a few ideas on the matter, with no particular order and not much evidence. And some these are saying that New Pop WILL be different, but yolo.

1. The “new website” is just the current website and/app with a new design.

2. All the islands will be SUIs, since the Creators only care about those nowadays. Cough cough Islands of the Month cough.

3. The app will be up to date with the web version, with all the same islands and features. Cross play hopefully happens in common rooms and multiverses.

4. A new website will be created, with its URL being something like “”. The old website will probably stick around for at least a few months with no updates, but could possibly be deleted eventually. The old app would also be deleted and replaced.

5. The Creators’ Blog will be updated and/or replaced. Hopefully they won’t delete all their old throwback posts from way back when. New Creators will also join the team and begin to blog on there.

6. Etc, etc, ect, this list of outcomes has no definite end. But this post does, sadly. There’s still one more paragraph left, however.

Look, I don’t know if these theories will be true or not, as they are just theories, but I sure hope so. Apparently, a New Pop sneak peak will be coming out sometime this month. Until then, don’t worry about it, because most of the time the thing you’re worrying about turns out to be fine in the end. That being said, I won’t be talking about New Pop any longer until we get some actual news, because making a million posts on the same exact info can get a little, old.

-Tall Cactus


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