Utter Disappointment

One day, TC was just checking the Creators’ Blog like she always does after a long day at school. Most of the time there isn’t a new post, but this day, oh this day was different…



Excitedly, and nervously, TC clicked the post, expecting some huge revelations on the upcoming game. Little did she know it was just…


A worm. A freaking worm.

I am so freaking mad right now that I can’t even continue talking in third person. All that waiting, for this?!


We better get some real sneak peaks next time, we better.

-Tall Cactus is MAD 😡



5 thoughts on “Utter Disappointment

  1. That is the worst sneak peek I’ve ever seen, why couldn’t they post a sneak peek of something that people care about?!! Like the character’s looks, and the islands, and the PETS????!!!!!!!!


  2. I don’t know if my pervoius comment posted, but browser shut down on me. So if this is repetitive, i am really sorry.
    Huh. OK, that’s… kind of a sneak peak. It shows me one thing. The style will be at least a little like the old one.
    And i have a feeling that they’ll give us another few sneak-peak. And if they don’t, hey, at least i’ll get to have my first full blown Cyber-rant.
    Because THAT’S a plus…


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