Theory Thursdays: A Quick Update

Hey guys, today I just wanted to let you know what’s gonna happen with Theory Thursdays for the next month or so. Right now, I’m kinda out of theories. Like, there’s no point on theorizing on the Current, soon to be Old Pop, New Pop is right around the corner, and I’ve ran out of ideas for New Pop predictions.

So I’m not too sure what I’ll do until New Pop releases, theory wise, that is, my other series shouldn’t be affected. Yes, I know that sneak peak was released Monday, but if you read the post, you know my pure disappointment and inner rage regarding it.

I may do another Unsolved Mysteries of Poptropica or two, since it’s been so long since the last one, and maybe even some conspiracy/joke “theories”, I’m not too sure. Cya!

-Tall Cactus 


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