Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Alternate Realites #3

Hello hello hello Poptropicacti, welcome back to the craziest day of the week!


This week’s topic isn’t really a surprise, as I told you what it would be last time, but oh well. If you didn’t already know, this is the third and final alternate realities post. Infinite possibilities, not enough time. Let’s get started…

Since I had started playing Pop in March 2015, and since I didn’t quit that July, I was on the path of, well, obsession. Along with a longing to join the community. I had found the PHB just days after the beginning of Tall Cactus, and just about every other blog in the weeks to follow. Like, I would read dead blogs, yeah…

The thing is, I was too scared to join. Most of the people were older than me, I was 11, later 12 then, and even if you tried to comment, you had to enter your email. So I simply was just a random stalker for months, upon months, upon months…8 or 9 to be exact, which is funny because that’s how long I’ve been in the community at the time of this post, lol.

But I wasn’t just gonna never join, I had myself a plan. I was gonna begin commenting on all my favorite blogs that upcoming summer, in the oh so mysterious 2016. I was gonna make a blog in 2017. Little did I know that New Pop would be coming out, little did I know that was too long to wait.

Just a couple months, maybe weeks, maybe days, I can’t remember when I came up with this plan, I reached my breaking point. I just had to comment. And I did, on the PHB, on December 29th, 2015. I’m not even gonna post a pic of it, it’s too embarrassing, just like this blog’s first post. At least I had good grammar.

So yeah, I commented for a few weeks, I was now planning to make a blog in the summer, but then I realized I couldn’t wait for that, either, so I made it on Janurary 16th, 2016, and the rest is history.

But, what if I did follow my plan, what if was more patient and more fearful? Well…

1. I’d probably comment and/or make a blog before planned, I seriously wanted to join the community, omg…

2. If I did somehow follow that really stupid plan, I really don’t know what would have happened…

3. I would probably try to get all my real life friends too play Pop, yet I would be embarrassed about it and they wouldn’t have stayed for long…

4. I could have lost interest in Pop or quit for real, similar to what almost happened in July 2015, when New Pop was announced on April 25th, I just needed someone with my love of the original game to discuss it with. Or I would have joined the community right then…

5. Even if I did make the blog, it wouldn’t be the same. None of the blogs I used to work on would be the same…

6. If I made a blog/commented too late, and not in the summer, I may not have been as active…

7. I may have never joined the community, ever. That’s how scared I was, period.

Yeah, not the best outcomes. Thankfully, I was a rebel to my own plan, I overcame my fears I don’t even know, and it was worth it.

Strangely, what ended up actually happening was surprising similar to BT’s MPIP, well, up to the part when she became a PHB author. What a coincidence… https://poptropicahelp.net/2015/12/16/mpip-bt/

Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that there will not be a Spectaclular Sunday Surprise next week. I’m reserving the day’s post for the Night of the Evil Robutts recap, wink.

-Tall Cactus 

Night of the Evil Robutts Countdown: 6 days! 


6 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Alternate Realites #3

    • Gah I clicked the post comment button.. anyways.. thankfully i didn’t quit! I was also suoer scared at first so I just out in a fake email all the time, then iade a WP account then.. yeah lol


      • My first comment was so weird…it was on the Summer party on Discord (which I didn’t attend since I had yet to even join discord..) it was ‘We will push it—-> 🌲’ I think I mainly joined the community since I played pop since I was like 4 with my sister who was 12 then to do everything for me xD


  1. i serously was worried about posting comments. Like a lot of good things in my life, i don’t remember exactly how i commented, but on December 21 (That’s right!) i posted on the names after stalking the PHB blog for a while. I, like you, was scared to put my email out there. But i’m glad i did it, i’m glad you did it, i probably wouldn’t have joined if you hadn’t replied to my poorly put together first(ish) real comment. (That wasn’t put together very well either. Huh.)
    Ok, i’m really bad at this. I’M GLAD YOU’RE HERE!! There. Done. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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