Making Night of the Evil Robutts end at midnight, yeah, not the best idea ever.

The party will now be from 7-8 PM to 9-10 PM EST. These times are not exact, so be sure to look for an official starting time on my server on the 29th.

Bye, and sorry for all you folks who live in different time zones.

Tall Cactus 


One thought on “IMPORTANT UPDATE

  1. Wait, the 29th?
    OH CRUD!!!
    Man, i might not be able to make it. Hmm. Let me go check…
    OK, i’ll make it. *Phew* i have something the night of the 29th, but i’ll probably be able to make it. Just a warning, if i do make it, i’ll only be there half an hour to an hour, there’s a possibility i won’t make it at all, and i might pop up half way through the party.

    Phew! that’s all the disclaimers! I’ll try to be there! for real!


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