Night of the Evil Robutts: A Recap of Robotic Chaos


Oh my god, this party was crazy. Crazier than I ever imagined. Let’s get right into this SUPER LONG recap post…


Robert’s Robotic Arrival

6:20-ish PM EST 

Robert, Ruler of the Robutts, makes his grand entry on the Cacti Pop Chat. He wants revenge on us, just because the Discord staff got rid of his creation, the first ever bot. Then he leaves, only to return at 7…


The First Hour

7-8 PM EST

Sure enough, Robert returned. He took away all the roles and gave himself the Robutt Ruler role, he had total power, ouch. I (TC) could have just banned him, since I made the server and had automatic admin powers, but he threatened to make alternate accounts and destroy Discord that way. So I didn’t bother.


After that, not much else happened, so enjoy this multiverse montage:


Oh and this robot with the same name of me joined towards the end of the hour, yeah…


The Second Hour

8-9 PM EST


Let’s just say, the second hour was much more eventful than the first. These pictures will explain everything…


Rest in piece, Cacti Pop Chat, you will be missed 😦

Lol don’t worry, I’ll be remaking the server in the next few days.

I’d like to thank Perfect Sky and Ulitmate iPad Expert for some of the pictures, everyone who came to party, and all the banned Robutts, whom I shall list promptly.

  • Aethex
  • blargbot
  • Bytr
  • Dat Bot
  • deeBot
  • Discoid
  • Discrank
  • Dyno
  • Ender
  • ErisBot
  • FredBoat
  • GNAR
  • Google
  • Hexacircle
  • Hexi
  • ListenOnRepeat
  • Marshmallow
  • MathBot
  • no-mention-spam
  • NotSoBot
  • Octo Robutt/Septamus whatever
  • Pee6/Mee6
  • PvPCraft
  • Riley
  • Robutt RPG/whatever the real name is
  • Rocket
  • SNBot
  • Squid
  • SteamBot
  • Taggy The Tag Bot
  • Trade Bot
  • Trello
  • UB3R-BOT
  • Watchr
  • Wolf
  • Xavio
  • YouTube
  • 💾 ❗️

And all the offline ones, who were also banned…

  • AwesomeBot
  • Clay
  • DSL
  • Friendly Bot
  • FrostBot
  • iTurboBot
  • Lapzbot
  • Parallax
  • Pokedex
  • PopBot
  • Retronic
  • Rubix
  • SirBroBot
  • TruthAndDareBot
  • TypicalBot

CHIIII CHOOOO CHAAAA! Have a happy Halloween, everyone! 



7 thoughts on “Night of the Evil Robutts: A Recap of Robotic Chaos

  1. Oh my cat it looked so awesome! i was unfortunately completely forgot about this the night of and missed out on the fun!
    I feel… like a horrible friend..

    I’m sorry i missed it! I’ll try to make the next one!


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