Pop TV’s Return Date! (And Other November Annoucements)

Get ready, as the truth will be revealed in 3, 2, 1…


The picture is supposed to parody real TV shows, if it was really a cartoon it would just be called Poptropica, not Pop TV. Just wanted to make this clear. “A TCPB Original” is based on how most networks say “A Cartoon Network Original” and such and such.

It’s only three more months until the new and updated premiere, a double-length episode, releases, so get hyped!

Yeah, I know, February is a long way away. I would have done it in January, but I have some other things planned for the first month of the New Year…wink.

However, this reincarnation of Pop TV will probably end up being a weekly series, not twice a week like before. It isn’t summer vacation anymore, I have school!

Oh, and also, since Halloween is finally over and done with, the blog will be going through some updates, just wanted to make that clear.

Blog Jog will be coming out on a weekly schedule starting next Tuesday. Expect a major announcement regarding the series in that post.

Be sure to submit some guest posts, folks. It would be a big help if you could even write a Spectacular Sunday Surprise or Theory Thursday, I’m seriously beginning to run out of ideas.

Sorry if this post was kinda boring, I just wanted to let you know these things at the start of the new month. November probably won’t be the most exciting month ever, but trust me, December is going to be HUGE, January too, and we need some peaceful and quiet weeks to prepare.

Tall Cactus 


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