Mini Theory Thursdays: Trying Something New


I’m trying out something different this week. Instead of the entire post being about one long theory, it’ll be split into multiple shorter ones that are only a few sentences long. Let’s begin…


Each bubble is an alternate dimension: Poptropica is one, our universe is one, heck, maybe each of the sponsored islands are one. What if every single franchise ever is its own Realm? That would be fun to think about, but that won’t every happen because then Story Arc Media would be sued for copyright infringement. Ouch.

New Pop Coming Out This Month? 

About a week ago, at the end of October, Slippery Raptor made an interesting comment on one of my posts.


You see, I did a guest post on the PHB about how I think New Pop will come out in early-mid December, but what if he’s hinting that New Pop is coming out sooner, coming out in November, THIS MONTH? The Creators may just be choosing to hide stuff from us, that’s why they haven’t really released many sneak peaks, not that they are still working on it.


Actually, uh, it’s probably not coming out till December. It just won’t…

Dr. Hare

If you played Super Villain Island, you know that the Returning Four villains swim away at the end, their whereabouts unknown. But, maybe they aren’t. Look at this picture from the beginning of PoptropiCon Episode 1.


Dr. Hare is right there! At PoptropiCon! :O

And then there’s this costume from Escape From Pelican Rock.


How do these fit together? Well, PoptropiCon is a parody of the San Diego Comic Con, and EFPR happens in Bay City, a parody of San Fransico. Both these cities are located in California. What if Dr. Hare was caught at PoptropiCon and sent to the nearest high security prison, even if he is good now? Or maybe it’s the other way around, and Dr. Hare escaped Pelican Rock and ended up at PoptropiCon. We may never know…

So, do you like this new format? Let me know in the comments, because I may be using Mini Theory Thursdays until I can come up with longer ones again, AKA when New Pop releases.

-Tall Cactus


3 thoughts on “Mini Theory Thursdays: Trying Something New

  1. These were some pretty good theories.

    …now that I think about it, I should try doing this on the TBPH, maybe to the style of Game Theory. Time to use my only good tool close to Photoshop: Microsoft Paint.


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