Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Green Sweater

I like to call this number “Green Sweater”.

The worst time to wear a green sweater, is all the time.

The one Skinny Moon wears, every day, that’s the kind.

Cause when you’re wearing that one, noobish sweater.


No offense, Skinny Moon, it’s just that you really need to switch up your outfit once in a while.

Original song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HCs0JGxvQCM

Tall Cactus 


7 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Green Sweater

      • Yeah, I mean, I think she should try the ASG or find cooler outfit options in islands. Because if she chooses stuff from new you and nothing more, her outfit her outfit will look really crummy compared to other players. I’ll make an exception for the polka dot belt though


  1. Thankfully I change my outfit like almost all the time! Unlike other people in the poptropica community I do not have a true costume I wear I just wear whatever I like to wear. Thats why on discord my picture is a melon not my poptropican. because my poptropicans name is tall melon


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