Popular Opinions: Favorite Year in Poptropica?

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta speak your mind on Friday, I’m so excited for Popular Opinions…


This week’s question was…


Let’s see what the guys over on the PHC think.

Well, it wasn’t the best moment to do ask the question, but there’s no way to know ahead of time. Hopefully we will get more luck next Friday! See ya then!

Tall Cactus

PS- Feel free to leave some question suggestions in the comments. 😉




3 thoughts on “Popular Opinions: Favorite Year in Poptropica?

  1. My favorite year would be this year. I know, it sound’s lame. But this year we got…
    1. A new map
    2. An announcement for a new Poptropica
    3. So many other cool things that I’m not listing because I’m lazier than Trump!


  2. Hmmm I am planing on making a video called worst to best years in Poptropica. I still am thinking but I am sure that 2016 is one of the worst years in Poptropica heres why. BArely any new islands. Homepage gone…….. and yeah like this year had pretty boring stuff. Conpeared to the other years. Oh tall cactus I really hate when I go to the PHC and 1. the chat is dead. 2. nobody talks about anything intersting. Just random stuff happens which can get real boring.


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