#MyPoptropicaCostume – The Best Contest Yet

We just got some HUGE news, guys. While it may not be a New Pop release date or a new island, it’s still something very fun and exciting. Get ready for…



Yup, it’s a costume contest, but not just any costume contest. You actually get to design your own costume, with original clothing parts and everything, and it could be added to the Poptropica Store! Along with that, if you beat the odds and win the contest, you’ll also get a 6 month membership and an NPC on Home Island will be wearing your creation for everyone to see. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

You have now until December 31st to enter through Twitter, Facebook, or Instgram, but you can only enter three times maximum, so think wisely!

There are some more things to remember, so I’m just gonna post some pictures of the full rules…


Also, be sure to check the Creators’ Blog for some more details, a meme, a shoutout, and a template to help you with your design.

Wait a second…


But isn’t the New Pop coming out later this year? Before 2017?

Guys, I’m started to get the strange feeling that New Pop is possibly being delayed.

Either way, this contest looks awesome and I’m definitely gonna enter. I may not have social media, but I’ll figure something out.

-Tall Cactus

PS- Many of you probably think Create Your Own Dream Island was the best contest yet, but I wasn’t around then to actually enter and it was limited to the USA only with a certain age range; anyone can enter #MyPoptropicaCostume.


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