Theory Thursdays: Mordred, Binary Bard, and the Illuminati

Just so you know, this is once again another joke I MEAN CONSPIRACY theory, and has a 99% chance of being totally fake. Have a good day. 

Poptropica is hiding a trianglular secret…


In Astro Knights Island, you may remember that whole Order of Mordred organization. You know, the one where the people were nearly WORSHIPPING the guy.

They were totally CRAZY!


Hmm, they remind me of theorists, conspiracy theorists. And the whole fact of there being that society, yup, it’s true.

Mordred/Binary Bard created the Illuminati, well the Poptropica version, folks.

The Order of Mordred matches the Illuminati perfectly: a group of people who realize the government is possibly hiding things and doing bad stuff; believe in the other side of the story; and aliens. And that people who blasted off into outer space are somehow alive. At least, that’s what I think the Illuminati is like, I don’t really research it/believe it, and I only do Poptropica conspiracy theories. I’m not like Steven Universe’s Ronaldo, which is a good thing.

But wait, are Mordred and Binary Bard even the same person? Just look at how different they look!


All of this must be connected to the Illuminati, it just has too! What, it makes sense now, let me explain…

Mordred, creator of the Poptrican Illuminati, was punished by the government of Arturus and arrested, but he didn’t escape, he was killed by one of the members of his society, some random cyborg poet dude named Binary Bard. Binary Bard pretended to be Mordred, who supposedly escaped into space and got so injured that he had to become half machine. Everyone believed him, everyone…except me. Except you. EXCEPT THE FREAKING ILLUMINATI KIDS.

And just to be sure…

“Mordred” has 7 letters. Turn the 7 upside down, add a slanted line onto the gap, and you got a triangle. A triangle has 3 sides, AND is the symbol of the illuminati. ILLUMINATI CONFIMRED.

“Binary Bard” has 9 letters. 9 divided by 3 equals 3. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

Next week: The Secret Society and the Illuminati…

Tall Cactus 

When you literally do joke theories since there’s nothing else to theorize about anymore. 


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