Theory Thursdays: The Current Pop’s Fate



“Secret Society” has 13 letters in it. If you remove its digits and multiply them, 1 times 3 equals 3. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

Uh, you know what, this Illuminati stuff most likely isn’t real, and it definitely doesn’t have anything to do about Poptropica; it’s just a coincidence that not one but two mysterious organizations exist in the game’s universe…or is it?

Ok, that’s enough with that for now. I actually have a legit theory today: what will happen to the Current Pop when New Pop releases.

You see, it just can’t stay on the Internet. Games, and most website domains cost money to stay up and running, even without any updates. Heck, what would New Pop’s URL be if Current Pop somehow stayed up as POPTROPI.CA? Same thing goes for the app, this time only with the app’s name, not domain or URL.

So, let’s get the easiest, yet most unlikely fate down first. The Creators keep the Current, now Old Pop up, continue paying money for it, and figure out a new domain name for the New Pop that won’t leave little kids all confused.

But what will probably happen is that, well, New Pop isn’t actually on a new website. What if stays the same, but the website itself is all New Pop stuff?

That makes sense, but then there’s the actual islands from the Current/Old Pop. If it does actually get “deleted”, I feel like they will at least remake some of the islands for New Pop. Skinny Moon said that the islands won’t just disappear a few months ago. There’s even some proof that 24 Carrot is being redone again, for said New Pop. Feel free to ask Shaky Skunk for details, as she wrote some theories on it.

However, I don’t think every island will make it to the New Pop. They don’t have the time to remake 57 islands, that’s just insane. The likely candidates for islands that will be “deleted” are the unpopular ones, such as a few of the sponsored ones.

You never know though, maybe the reason that New Pop is taking so long to finish (and there’s a chance it’s delayed) is that they are moving every island to New Pop. So don’t worry about losing your favorite islands just yet.

Lastly, before I end this post, I’d like to wish a happy Thanksgiving to the American readers. And to all of you, I’m so thankful that you take the time to read my blog, and I’m thankful for Poptropica and its amazing community. Have a nice day, everyone. Let’s just say, I’m very, very excited for tomorrow, and you’ll find out why soon.

-Tall Cactus


4 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: The Current Pop’s Fate

  1. The weird thing is that the spy HQ in spy island has a triangle shape ( like the pyramid in the Illuminati symbol)… but the thought of them being the poptropican Illuminati is probably just my imagination😂 or is it?…


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