The TCPB Holiday Special 2016: Part 1

Spectaclular Sunday Surpises will be taking a five week break. Why? Well, it’s finally time for…


The TCPB Holiday Special: 2016! 

This five-part, completely fictional story series revolves around Tall Cactus, AKA me, as she prepares for the holidays outside of her blogging “career.” And let’s just say, it’s really, really crazy. Oh, just you see…

PART ONE: TC VS Black Friday

Hey, I’m Tall Cactus, and I blog about a lot of Poptropica stuff. Which is fun, and stressful every now and then. But most of the time, I’m a totally-not-normal teenager. This past Friday, while in the middle of the newest Chu Chu TV video, my parents, Smart Cactus and Golden Cactus, came up to my room.

“Come on, we’re going Black Friday shopping at Twin Palms Mall!” announced my mom.

“Where the heck is that?!” I said, staring into space.

My father was like, “it’s on Night Watch Island, now let’s go.”

“But I hate shopping…”

“And your older sister, Dangerous Cactus, is coming too! Isn’t that great?”

Let’s just put it this way, me and DC do not get along. At all. This was going to be a long shopping trip…

Two hours later…

My family and I walked to the Mall, to find huge, long lines surrounding the front doors. My sister and I began arguing out of boredom.

Just then, I saw a strange man. Every inch of his skin was covered, with sunglasses and gloves and scarves, and a sticker on his chest read, “Hello, my name is Robert.”

I knew exactly who he was. No wonder he was covering himself, he was secretly a ROBUTT! The ruler of them! He was the one who deleted the Cacti Pop Chat during the Night of the Evil Robutts; I thought he only existed on the Internet. I guess I was wrong.

Then I saw him use some jet pack thingie to fly over the crowds and enter the mall from a third floor window.

“I WILL STEAL CHRISTMAS!” he shrieked as he stole anything and everything he could find from the mall, and threw them sacks and out said window. Some of the valuable things broke, shattered forever.

Everyone below just stood there, and they all blinked exactly two times, at the same time, before falling into complete panic.

My family and I ran to the blimp, and flew away.

“Black Friday is overrated, guess we learned that the hard way,” my mom, Golden Cactus sighed.

The holidays were doomed.

To be continued…

-Tall Cactus


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