December’s Islands of the Month Discussion

Finally, a non-SUI IOTM!


Wait a second…Wimpy Wonderland?! Of all the amazing non-SUIs, why does Wonderland, one of the worst islands in my opinion, get to be first?!

I mean, sure, it’s obvious why the Creators chose it to be a December Island of the Month, it’s literally about a snow day, and I guess that’s the closest Poptropica will ever get to a holiday themed island.

But, why did they only decide to do a classic island now? They could have had islands like Ghost Story or Vampire’s Curse for October’s IOTMs, but nope!

It’s just really odd to me that they suddenly began including non-SUIs this month. It could just be that they were sick of people complaining about their obsession with SUIs, and it probably is. However, I would like to discuss something else that came to my mind with this news…

I don’t think the New Pop is coming out this year.

I have mentioned that a delay for New Pop’s release was possible in a few other posts, but now I am certain of it. We should have gotten more sneak peaks, a release date, anything, if it was actually coming out “later this year.” But it’s way past later this year, it’s December, it’s the last month of the year!

You may say they could release it out of the blue to surprise us, but really, I don’t think that’s happening. Besides, why would they do IOTM this month, this entire month, if New Pop is coming out soon? Because it’s not. It’s not coming soon. It’s coming in 2017, probably. Or never at all. New Pop is being delayed, and I’m sure of that.

Just so you know, I may be wrong, and if I am, you can tease me all you want. But for now, at least, prepare yourselves for at least another month or two of waiting…

And I’m just as upset as you guys.

-Tall Cactus


5 thoughts on “December’s Islands of the Month Discussion

  1. Nooooooooooooo new poptropica is not coming noooooo. well hopely new poptropica makes more sneak peeks on new poptropica. And what i want in the sneak peeks is something to do with common rooms. And this time I want a video sneak peek this time because we poptropicans are really inching for a new GOOD sneak peek


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