Theory Thursdays: Will Poptropica Ever Get a MOVIE?!

In a Theory Thursday a month or two ago, I explained the possibility of Poptropica getting a TV series, mainly on Cartoon Network. You can read it here. Anyways, today’s theory is a follow up to that. Read on…


Welcome back to Theory Thursdays! I’m your host, Tall Cactus. Have you ever wondered if Pop were to ever get a movie based off it? If so, who would produce it, who would star in it, and what rating would it get? I will be sharing my thoughts on all of the above and beyond.

First of all, the actual chance said movie would be made. It may be unlikely, but it’s certainly possible, as video games are being turned in to movies nowadays…


Yeah, the poster is fake, but there actually is gonna be a Minecraft movie, Google it.

However, with movies such as Trolls and The Lego Movie, it seems the producers prefer making movies based on toy franchises rather then games. And with the fact that other computer games similar to Pop, like Club Penguin, haven’t gotten movies yet, eh…

There is still one factor that would raise Pop’s chances of reaching the big screen. That is, if Pop gets a TV show. A very successful TV show.

A Poptropica TV show would never be as popular as SpongeBob. Period. And there is the chance that said movie could just be one of those TV only specials. But that’s still a movie to me, and you never know what could happen in the all so mysterious future.

However, let’s just imagine for a second that there is a movie being made right before our eyes. What would it be like? Here’s what I predict…


It would probably be based on the graphic novel series, the online game, or a spinoff/sequel/prequel of a Pop TV series.

Art Style?

Definitely animated. If it’s not based on a series, then there is a chance that it could be CGI, since every movie is like that nowadays. If that’s true…I probably couldn’t get myself to watch a CGI Poptropica. No, just no.

Company Making It?

If it were based off a Pop TV show, it would be the company that owns the channel it airs on. If not, then probably anything except Disney.

Voice Actors?

I’m not sure, but Dr. Hare better be Tom Kenney (the voice of SpongeBob) and Black Widow better be Gwen Stefani. Don’t ask.


PG (isn’t that obvious?)


With the graphic novels being New York Times bestsellers at one point, this movie could be pretty popular, I’m not really sure.

Anyways, a Poptropica movie wouldn’t happen until at least 5 or 6 years from now. If it was releasing in the coming years we would have gotten an announcement by now.

Have a great time opening those advent calendars today, it’s December 1st! The countdown to Christmas has begun.

-Tall Cactus


7 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: Will Poptropica Ever Get a MOVIE?!

  1. The likelihood of making games on toy franchises rather than video game franchises? It may be higher, but you’re missing 3 video-game related movies: Pixels, Wreck It Ralph, and Warcraft, mainly Warcraft, because it’s based on the game World Of Warcraft. No need to make revisions, just one slight flaw.


  2. It would be cool if Pop got a movie. And I found out about the Minecraft movie a little while ago.
    It will never be as good as mine…
    I mean, it sounds great! Can’t wait! 😓


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