The TCPB Holiday Special: Part 2


Part 2 – The Letter

A little more than a week after that crazy Black Friday, I woke up one Sunday morning. After realizing I didn’t want to spend the rest of my precious weekend laying in bed, I jumped up and opened my advent calendar, only to find a a cute ornament, and…

“A letter?!” I said to myself. I was shocked, ok? After sitting there in fear for a minute, I decided to read the piece of paper…

Dear Robert, Ruler of Robutts:

Yes, I will make it to the annual Early Poptropica tree lighting on Sunday the 11th. And yes, I will distract the crowd with my beautiful singing voice so you can go on with your plan. Let’s hope my parents don’t find out. I guess I’ll hide it in my sister’s advent calendar, in the 24th door, so she won’t find it before I get the chance to send it to you.

The Robutts will be victorious on December 11th. 

-Dangerous Cactus.

My sister was helping Robert.

I wanted to ask her about the note, but then who knows what she would do to me? Plus, she must have out the note in the wrong door.

There was only one thing I could do.

I ripped the letter into a dozen pieces, and threw them in the trash. I then began working on my next blog post…

To be continued…

(Just so you know, Dangerous Cactus is not based on my sister in real life, so don’t worry, I don’t have a wannabe super villain living in my house.)

Tall Cactus

Also, be sure to check out my holiday costume on Pop, because…



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