Theory Thursdays: Guest Post Edition


(Today we have a guest post by Smart Flame! In it he discusses the possibility of New Pop having a higher age range. Yes, I already did theorize something similar, but he makes some important points that I missed, and adds on to it. Enjoy the first ever TCPB guest post!)

I have a theory. My theory is that Poptropica’s target age group will change in New Poptropica, and it will affect not only the island plot lines, but also the animation of Poptropica. My guess is that the target age group will change from 6-15 to 9-18.

Island Plot Lines

The plot lines have already started becoming more like real life situations, rather than fictional elements, or even just unlikely situations. Take a look a Super Power island. It gives you super powers, you fight funny, wacky villains with weird, but funny powers. Now lets look at Survival island (All 5 episodes). First you have to survive in the wilderness and try and get yourself rescued, then when someone saves you, they start trying to kill you, eat you, and attack you. They have two very different plot lines,and one is definitely more serious and real life than the other. You could do the same thing with Spy Island and Escape from Pelican Rock island. As a matter of fact, you could do that with practically any SUI and non-SUI. I can only imagine that the islands will stay this way, or even get more serious.


Let’s look at the worm. Yes, we are looking back to the worm sneak peak. The worm has shown us more detail than any other art Poptropica has given us. I believe that older kids like to play games with more details and better animation. So with this, I believe they want to appeal to older kids with the better animation. Also the rats give us better animation than we typically get. This just proves the theory even more.

Is This a Good Thing?

Yes it is because some of the more influential people playing are getting older like Slanted Fish and Thinknoodles. These people inspire others to become apart of the community, and makes blogs and youtube channels. They also make people want to tell their friends about Poptropica which makes the community bigger. Also people might just come across these blogs and youtube channels across the internet which grows the community. Also the influential people get people excited about Poptropica and make them join the community. Overall this is a smart move by Poptropica and I’m all for it. But I don’t want them to make everything too serious, I still want the wacky funny spirit with a deeper plot lines.

-Smart Flame

(I hope you all enjoyed! Feel free to comment your thoughts down below, and I will see ya again tomorrow.)


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