Popular Opinions: When Will New Pop Release? (REVISITED)

Today marks the beginning of Popular Opinions being on the newly reopened Cacti Pop Chat!


Ok, so about a month ago I did a Popular Opinions post on Pop’s release date and all that. But that was back before I realized that it is probably going to be delayed…that’s why I decided to revisit this topic this week. Let’s see what happened, shall we?



Before I go, I’d like to mention something. Basically, from now until next Friday, I’ll be posting every single day, mainly about New Pop, but of course, the Holiday Special won’t have anything to do with it. And before you go destroy your laptop in frustration, I just want to say that I’ll be looking at New Pop in a totally different light…you’ll see.

-Tall Cactus



6 thoughts on “Popular Opinions: When Will New Pop Release? (REVISITED)

  1. I, as well, was quite disappointed that the New Poptropica won’t be released this year. That’s probably why they’re stalling it with contests, promos, and store items because the game is going downhill, to be honest, but the next big thing is yet to unfold. 😉 So, a little bit more patience?


  2. I don’t understand why they couldn’t stick with their word, and yet they think a WORM would pull it off. Perfect substitute for the biggest update in Pop history, creators!😞


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