Why Is New Pop (Probably) Delayed?

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that the New Pop isn’t coming out “later this year” like the Creators promised, there are only a couple weeks left of 2016. I doubt it will come out as a Christmas surprise, we’ve only gotten like on sneak peak!

But, why is it delayed in the first place? Let me take a look at the many possibilities:

  • the Creators are still working on it, even though they’ve been working on New Pop long before its April announcement supposedly
  • they totally changed what New Pop will be like halfway through its creation and had to restart production
  • legal issues
  • not enough money
  • if they are going to add all the old islands, and slightly change their plots, that will just add months to the production of New Pop
  • not enough Creators are working on the project; other Creators focus more on adding “updates” to the current pop or updating the social media accounts (Skinny Moon)
  • maybe the Creators are total procrastinators just like me
  • they are working on another huge project alongside New Pop, one that remains top secret…
  • New Pop is basically canacelled but some Creators can’t let go of it so until they come up with an agreement they won’t tell the public and will keep making contests and “updates” so we forget about New Pop

Who even knows anymore? Well, maybe you do. Comment any possibilities you come up with down below, and I’ll see ya tomorrow.

-Tall Cactus



8 thoughts on “Why Is New Pop (Probably) Delayed?

  1. Well this is new poptropica I just downloaded firefox a few days ago so the unity thing is not a bad thing for me. Also I heard this saying if a game or update is delayed that means the game or update will more likey be alot better then a rushed early one so yeah you guys if it is delayed it is delayed!


  2. I say they will cancel the the Pop, because with all the new updates coming to the current Pop, the current Pop is becoming more popular, so there is no point trying to make a new Pop.


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