The TCPB Holiday Special: Part 3


Part 3 – The Tree Lighting

I tried to forget about the letter, but I just couldn’t. Soon, it was the doomed December 11th…

That morning I woke up way too late. I walked downstairs to see my sister, Dangerous Cactus, laying on the couch.

“She has a fever,” my dad told me. “I’m going to stay here to take care of her, but you and your mother can still go to the tree lighting in a few hours, if you want to.”

I couldn’t believe it, my sister was sick, she couldn’t help Robert with whatever his plan was. I was actually excited to go now!

A few hours later…

My mom and I made it to Early Poptropica, where a huge Christmas tree was. And I mean HUGE. A crowd of people where there already, starting to put up decorations.

To be honest, it was kinda…boring.

Everything changed when it was finally time to put the star on the top of the tree. A familiar masked man shoke the ladder while some guy was on it…I think I saw the guy nearly fall off, but he dropped the star, which shattered right in the middle of the crowd. People screamed.

And then, a ton of robots came.

“We are the Robutts, and we are here to destroy Christmas,” the robotic voices said at the same time.

The Robutts began destroying the Christmas tree with lasers and then started throwing the ornaments at the people watching. Most ran away.

Robert gleamed with pride. “Ha, now that Dangerous Cactus girl will take the blame for this, and I’ll be safe. Wait, where is she?”

The remaining crowd stared at Robert.

Just as some police were going to arrest him, he suddenly revealed a jet pack he was hiding, and flew away.

There must be something I don’t know about Robert…and I need to find out what FAST.


-Tall Cactus


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