New Pop’s Storyline

As you all know, when New Pop was first announced, it was stated that there will be a new, connected storyline in. What it will actually be about and how they will do it remains unknown.

I have a feeling the storyline will about the villains, since they did all appear together in Super Villain Island; time travel, because of the graphic novels and since so many islands happen in different time periods; something totally different; or a mixture of everything I mentioned.

Aside from the main plot, I hope they explain where your Poptropican came from. Monkey Wrench just told us how we got the blimp, nothing more, nothing less. I also want an origin story for Pop, but that will most likely be revealed in the 3rd and 4th graphic novels. Remember when the Creators specifically said the first graphic novel would reveal this?! It didn’t, it just started the whole mystery, meaning we are going to find out sooner or later. And when we do, they could expand on it in the actual game.

But, how will they make this connected storyline possible? I have a few theories on that…

  • they will edit some parts of the existing islands
  • they will make new islands similar to Super Villain Island, where characters from other islands appear
  • they will do both
  • why did I do bullet points for this section and not the one above

I don’t have much else to say, we haven’t even gotten any info on the New Pop’s plot since April 25th. And now that it’s (most likely) being delayed, we will have to wait a bit longer…

-Tall Cactus



5 thoughts on “New Pop’s Storyline

  1. Time travel is pretty risky… I’m almost an expert on Fictional Time Travel, and so are a lot of people i know. So the question is, will the go there?


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