The New Poptropica Community

You know what guys? The New Pop isn’t just going to completely change the game. It’s also going to affect the community – whether these upcoming changes are be good or bad won’t be known until they actually occur. So today I decided to do a short little post to give you a warning/prediction about what can happen. Again, they are predictions, so they will probably end up being false in the end.

First of all, people are going to quit. Period. Even if New Pop is great, some may not like it, and that’s fine. I respect other people’s opinions.

And then new players will fill in the spaces left open by the ones who quit. As for how many and what these members will be like, time will only tell.

With old members quitting and new ones joining, a lot will change in the community. Blogs will die and new ones will arise. There will be sadness if a beloved menber leaves, and gratitude for a new member who is great in their own way.

I’m sure a lot more will change than you think.

Yet, if the New Pop doesn’t turn out that good…there is always the chance the community will die along with it. I am hopeful that the New Pop will be fine though, don’t worry right now.

But no matter what happens, and no matter who joins or leaves,  I will continue blogging right here on TCPB for as long as I can, till the very end.

As for the much nearer future, I’ll be posting a theory tomorrow that will change your thoughts on New Pop forever. Get ready…

-Tall Cactus 


8 thoughts on “The New Poptropica Community

  1. You know, I’m not actually that nervous about the new Pop anymore. And honestly, when the new Pop does come out, if it stinks, I’m going back to the old! However, I’d also like things to actually happen. #PutOutThePop

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  2. Blog posts like this are the reason why I voted Tall Cactus Poptropica Blog in the poppies! Like who else can come up with great things. Tall Cactus thanks to you now everyone will know that the community will change. #TallCactusSoSmart

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  3. No matter what happens to Pop, I know this: I will not give up hope, I was hooked from the start when I noticed the awesome community and knew the day Friendly Whale’s Poptropica Blog was created that I was going to have the most wonderful time of my life with people like me, and that’s why I’m not going to quit this amazing place an I’m not going to leave it behind ( I’m not abandoning all of my awesome friends either, sorry if the comment is a little long). I’ll keep believing that everything will be fine.

    Oh, almost forgot, #PutOutThePop


  4. I will stay with Poptropica through its new version. The amazing people in the community like TC really inspired me to create my blog. And even though it isn’t popular, I will keep blogging on it because it is so much fun. I hope that mostly everyone will stay in the community. #PutOutThePop #TallCactusSoSmart #Let’sStayWithPop #PoptropicaCommunityIsAwesome


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