Theory Thursdays: The New Pop Truth…

DISCLAIMER: Poptropica Creators, if you are somehow reading this, please don’t get mad. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, I promise. I just want to explain my personal opinion. Same goes for everyone reading this post.

Hey, guys. I’ve got a pretty sad theory to share with you today. I couple weeks ago, I was watching this YouTube video about people disliking memes in cartoons, but then I realized something. Something about Poptropica. The truth of New Pop’s existence, even. Let’s discuss…


So I’m just going to say this right here, right now.

New Pop is being made to make Poptropica “cooler” and more hip for today’s generation. Yeah…

You may be a tad confused right now, I would be too. Let me expland more on what I mean; I’ve got three main points of evidence.

1. The Rise of Poptropica’s Social Media and Contests

At first, I thought Pop was doing all these contests and stuff on social media to target older audiences. I mean, that may be the case, but is it just me or do lots of little kids have social media, even though most sites are 13+? And you don’t have to have an account to read tweets/posts/whatever on other people’s accounts, so I’m sure kids at least do that from time to time. (Heck, I even do that, mainly with the Chu Chu TV Instagram. Although I am 13, I just don’t really want an account, not yet.)

So yeah, the Poptropica Creators are more active on social media now, mainly Skinny Moon. But, how does that make them suddenly want Pop to be all hip and cool? Well…

Let’s just put it this way: Skinny Moon is attempting to make literal memes. I’m sorry SM, but Ultimate iPad Expert is superior in the world of Poptropican memes. I mean, her memes aren’t that bad, but she’s trying a bit too hard, per say…


Lastly, the contests, especially #PoptropicaArt and #MyPoptropicaCostume. With these costumes, you have to either have a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram account to enter, or have a friend or relative enter it for you with their account. Do you expect every single underage kid to have an account? Do you think every kid’s parents will enter for them? Definitely not.

2. The Game Updates We’ve Actually Gotten

It’s literally just been costumes, outfits. And most of them just look really, really bad…


Ombré hair dye? Oddly shaped headphones? Mismatched sweaters and clothes? People wearing glasses when they don’t even need them to see, which kinda offends me cause I actually need to wear glasses? I don’t like where this is going, it’s literally the definition of “hip” and “cool” gone overboard. I wouldn’t be surprised if more outfits like these are in the New Pop, whenever that will come out.

And then there’s this…


Why does she look so much like me?!

Are they adding hair dye to everything now? Sigh…

3. The Few Facts We Know About New Pop

When New Pop was first announced on April 25th, 2016, it was stated that we would be getting things like houses, pets, new character designs and costumes, a new social experience, a new website and app, new storylines, etc. But is it just me, or is everything other than the storyline part kind of the same as other popular virtual worlds, namely Club Penguin? I mean, I’m not saying these are terrible additions to the game, I’m just saying that it’s kinda cliche, and it’s also what kids seem to like nowadays. Also known as “cool.”

I’m sorry to say this, but if New Pop turns out to be full of dead memes and jokes about Twitter’s character limit and hashtags, along with Club Penguin-like pets, I may just quit. And sadly it’s possible that this may happen. Hopefully the new, connected storyline will take center stage. Hopefully…

Poptropica is different, and that’s why it’s the best. Please don’t go down this route, Creators, please. 


However, something much worse could be happening, and I mean much worse. I’ll explain on Tuesday…

Tall Cactus


7 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: The New Pop Truth…

  1. “Oddly shaped headphones?”

    I am an expert in headphone fashion and I say they could definitely be a thing.

    Still, this theory may actually be the real truth, because in my opinion you’ve got it down.


  2. I totally get what you’re saying! Like, the weeaboo headphones? The weird glasses? (I’m good with the hair though it looks like my unfashionable mess lol and that bomber jacket looks noice). If this goes Club Penguin, I’m going to make a petition.


  3. I am so glad I voted for this blog in the 2016 poppies because you keep going on with these awesome theorys tall cactus. Man remember the old days in poptropica where it was all simple.Tall cactus what you shoould really do is DM skinny moon and put a link to this blog post plz! Also post a blog jog I like that


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