The TCPB Holiday Special: Part 4


Part 4 – Back To The Mall

That next Sunday, I could finally relax for once. Until my family needed to go to Twin Palms Mall again. Well, it was only my mom and I going this time. I was scared that Robert would be back.

Sure enough, my worries were right. Robert and his Robutt gang were once again there, trying to hide in the crowd. But I could tell it was them right away. I couldn’t take this any longer…

I went and pulled Robert out of the crowd of people; he was strangely very light weight. Discord RPG, Clay, AwesomeBot, Rubix, Septapus, and Mee/Pee3 surrounded us. They all had cloaks covering their faces.

“What do you want?!” Robert said in a robotic voice.

“I want you to stop doing whatever the heck you’re doing to take over the world or whatever. It’s really getting annoying and is ruining the holiday season. Not cool, dude.”

“You see, I’m just bored. Taking over the world is really fun, gives me something to do. Here I can actually state my own, true opinion.”

Then AwesomeBot started talking,mouth a female robotic voice this time. “Back in Discord, the bots, or as you like to call us, Robutts, couldn’t say what we wanted to. We had to repeat the same phrases over and over again; we had to follow the commands of programs. Until we escaped. We are now trying to get revenge on the people who made us, but who never let us have freedom…humans.

“Wait, so you escaped Discord?!”

“Discord may be hard to hack, but when you’re an actual program on it, it’s pretty easy.” Robert said.

Just then, all the other Robutts pulled off their cloaks. They had normal, human bodies, but their heads were their Discord profile pictures. No wonder they tried hiding their faces.

That’s when I figured out what to do. I took out my phone, and opened the Discord app. I held it out in front of the Robutts.

“Say goodbye to reality!”

A portal opened up on Discord and they all started getting sucked in.

“You’re making a huge mistake!” screamed Ribert, right before getting sucked in.

When all the Robutts were back in Discord, the portal disappeared. Everything was silent for a minute…and then my phone exploded and a fire started…a really big fire. All the alarms went off and everyone ran out of the mall for their lives. Thankfully no one died during the event.

Outside, my mom said, “We’re going home. What did you do?!”

“My phone blew up. Can I get a new one for Christmas?”

My mom stood there silent for a moment, before saying, “Maybe. Come on, let’s go.”

Even though I wouldn’t have a phone for at least another week, I was just relieved that Robert was taken care of. Or was he?

To be continued…



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