Is Poptropica Dying?! Let’s Investigate…

You know how last Friday’s Popular Opinions question was whether community members think Pop is dying or not? And how I mentioned a post regarding said question will be released on Tuesday the 20th? Today is that day, and this is that post. 

Hey guys, before we begin this somewhat depressing (but hopeful) post, winter break just started for me! Look forward to some awesome posts over the next two weeks as 2016 comes to a close.

Ok, let’s get back to today’s post. Basically, I’m going to be looking around the Internet for proof of Pop’s demise or rebirth. Enough said.

Google Trends

First off, let’s do a good ol’ Google Trends search. This free, easy-to-use program on Google allows users to look up search terms and see how many people Googled said term over the last (blank) years. It’s really useful to figure out if certain websites aren’t as popular as they used to be; most people use Google to access whatever site they are trying to get to, and this includes Pop.

The result I got wasn’t what I was hoping for…






The Community 

Even though there aren’t any graphs to show this, the current community is definitely not at a high point right now. People are growing up, losing interest, becoming too busy. There aren’t nearly as many active blogs as there used to be.

This could be indication that the game is dying too, but I’m not too sure. Just because older players are moving on doesn’t mean younger players also are. Then again, not as many people are searching the game on Google, and that’s the main way to find Pop’s website and all. Younger kids (with or without their parents) have to look up Pop this way, we all do.

The Creators’ Blog

But do the Creators themselves realize that Pop isn’t nearly as big as it used to be? I really don’t know. They do seem really positive about a Pop’s future though, just look at what Skinny Moon said in a recent post.


The majority of Pop players are still kids, meaning the Creators think Pop wil still be alive in possibly 10-20 years?! I’m sorry, but even if Pop isn’t dying I don’t see that happening. This isn’t the first time the Creators have had such high hopes for the game…

You never know though. Maybe Pop is still getting lots of visitors, maybe they just use different search engines? It’s really hard to tell whether the Creators know the game isn’t going away anytime soon or if it’s really starting to die but they don’t want to make players upset. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

New Pop

The New Pop is possibly being made to save Pop and give the game several more years to live. 

I mean, there isn’t really any evidence proving this yet but I think New Pop’s creation has some connection to the Old/Current Pop’s declining popularity. The thing is, I’m not really gonna go into full detail now because…

There will be a post tomorrow which will expand more on this thought. So yeah, I’ll see ya then.

But no matter the true reason for Pop 2.0’s existence, this game will decide whether Pop will still be a thing in a few years or not.

Case Closed? 

With help from the above evidence and my own personal opinions, I feel as if the Current, soon to be Old Pop is probably dying and has been dying for years now, no matter what the Creators may say. However, the New Pop will either allow Pop to regain its popularity or destroy the game forever. Of course, I could be completely wrong, so feel free to leave your thoughts down in the comment section!

Tall Cactus



4 thoughts on “Is Poptropica Dying?! Let’s Investigate…

  1. oh deer poptropica plz to not die! well I remember back in 2009 to 2012 was the grade 1 to 5 school days where when it was free time in school computer labs that what was kids whould do. Now they really does not happen to much anymore


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