Poptropica’s Popularity Problem (Guest Post)


This is a guest post by Barefoot Hammer, explaining her thoughts on how Pop could possibly just be trying to be “cool” to gain popularity, and fast. Enjoy! 

Hello there, Barefoot Hammer here. Some of you might know me from Clawtropica. Today I am here to talk about a problem Pop might be facing…

Poptropica might be acting “cool” to get more people to play.

Now, this might not be believable to some, but I might have proof that this is what Poptropica might be doing.

First off, let me explain where this idea came from. I got the idea from TC’s post about Pop trying to be “cool” for this generation. But I also got this idea from Pop’s recent popularity decline. As you have probably noticed, Pop is pretty much dying. Poptropica chats have been leaning towards un-Pop related things to talk about, Poptropica channels on Discord aren’t being used for Pop-related discussions, and Pop itself hasn’t come out with a new island for a while.

Now, where I got the idea that they are doing this for the popularity is from YouTube. Yes, YouTube. If you haven’t heard already, YouTube has been unsubscribing people from channels that they haven’t visited for a while. Because of this, some YouTubers have resorted to click-baiting. Click-baiting is not telling people what the video is going to be about in the title just to get views. So what I’m saying is that Pop might be doing something to gain popularity.

But anyways, back in the land of Poptropica…

Pop has been trying too hard to become “the craze” that they once were. For instance, as said in TC’s post, Pop has been turning to social media, new costumes, and anything that they can think up to be “cool” for this generation. But I think that they’re doing this for popularity. Here’s why I think so…

1. Pop didn’t come out with new stuff frequently when they were more popular.
2. They want more money/they are dying financially (I’m not sure if this is true).
3. They are targeting an older audience (I wonder why…).

Back then, around 2012, it seemed like Pop never came out with new stuff. But now, they are creating all sorts of new store items and contests. Why are you doing this now, Poptropica? 

The financial theory I came up with because they are adding all sorts of new members-only items that might be implying that they want (or need) more money.

The older audience idea is from all of the social media contests. Most social media places you have to be 13 years of age or older, but some 13 year olds wouldn’t want to play Pop as much as a 8 year olds, so why?

That’s it for my theory, I’m sorry if it was long, I just have a lot of ideas sometimes. I’ll see you guys around on Discord! Bye for now!

Barefoot Hammer

If you would like to guest post on TCPB, send me a DM over on Discord. Be sure to share your thoughts on this post in the comments section below, Barefoot Hammer and I would really appreciate that. See ya tomorrow for Theory Thursdays! 



6 thoughts on “Poptropica’s Popularity Problem (Guest Post)

  1. Great blog post! You said that in 2012 we barely got anything new. We got friending you people!!!!!!! But wow poptropica is reallly dying now like I really liked how you mentioned that in the poptropica help blog chat on discord not many people really talk about poptropica………………… man poptropica come back like how you were before. Miss old poptropica i went on google trends and the best time for poptropica was in the year 2010 and the month of may.


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