Theory Thursdays: Glitches Galore

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So about a year ago, on Christmas Day 2015, the PHB gave the community a gift. The Avatar Studio Gift. And even though this glitch has been public for so long, it still hasn’t been patched. Yet similar glitches, such as the SUI Costumize Everything Glitch, were patched? What’s going on here?!

Fun fact: I actually used Costumize Everything before it was patched, back in the summer of 2015. That’s how I got my signature DJ Saturday Nite headphones. Yup, I got them from CEG and not ASG. 

Yes, I’m doing a post about glitches. The first ever one on this blog, lol. Probably the only one, as I’m not really the glitcher type. Enjoy the theory, and I apologize ahead of time if some of the facts in here aren’t entirely true. Again, I’m not the glitcher type.

That being said, to figure out why the Creators patch some glitches and not others, we need to go back. Far, far back, to the very beginning of Poptropica…

I didn’t even know Pop existed then. Thankfully, the PHB made another page about glitching, one that explains the entire history of them. The Overview of Poptropica Glitching, of course.

I actually made the first comment on that page, and it’s just, ew. 


Anyways, after reading through the overview a couple times, which I suggest you do too, I noticed a few things, and came up with a few theories on why the Creators patch some glitches and not others.

I feel like either one or both of two things are happening. Either the Creators can’t patch certain glitches, like ASG, or they don’t want, or need to.

They Can’t 

They’re probably super busy with the New Pop still, along with updating the current Pop and the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest. Patching some glitches that only really affect people’s outfits in the game is not nearly as important as trying to finish an entirely new game. Or some glitches are very difficult or even impossible to remove without changing the inner codings of Poptropica, and again, I don’t think the Creators have the time for that right now.

They Don’t Want (or Need) To 

Glitching today is much different than glitching just a couple years ago. As mentioned in the Overview, glitching was once a dangerous black market. There was lots of competition, and many people got hacked, or worse. I’m sure the Creators knew about at least some of this, so maybe they patched some of the most popular glitches, like dummies and CEG, to stop these trades. And when glitches, like ASG and iPop, were released to the public, glitching was suddenly calmer, safer, and more fair. Maybe this is why the Avatar Studio Glitch hasn’t been patched, maybe the Creators see no harm in good glitches anymore, they no longer want to patch them as much as they used to. However, some glitches are still going to get patched, and we aren’t gonna get any warning ahead of time.

A Mixture of Both Theories

Nothing is ever in black and white. Yeah.

Well, that’s all I have for this week’s theory. See ya next Thursday, and until then, let me know your favorite glitches in the comment section below!

-Tall Cactus

3 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: Glitches Galore

  1. I love glitching but most of the time when I play poptropica I mostly go to the common rooms.Nice theory its so cool to see that poptropica glitching had a black market or people hacking and stuff that is so dang cool!!!!


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