Big News is Coming Soon

First things first, there won’t be Popular Opinions today. Or this week. And it’s not because of tonight’s PHB holiday party or me being lazy or anything like that. My reasoning is very different than usual.

You see, the Creators finally posted on their blog tonight, talking about their holiday break and stuff. But a paragraph towards the end of the post is hinting at something huge…


We’re getting New Pop info next week, period. That just has to be it!

However, I don’t think the actual game is releasing quite yet. Instead I feel like they will post some more sneak peaks, maybe even a trailer. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they admit that the New Pop is in fact delayed. If they do make that official, along with giving us an updated release date, I’d really appreciate that.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. It could be as soon as Monday the 26th, or as late as Friday the 30th or even New Years. Whenever the Creators drop the New Pop bomb though, I’ll definitely post about it right here on TCPB.

Tall Cactus 

UPDATE: I just noticed something…


They both wrote the post?! More proof that the info we’re gonna get next week is gonna be major. Or all the Creators want to get us in the holiday spirit, but Skinny Moon and  Captain Crawfish are the only ones who actually blog. Either way, this has never happened before. 


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