TC the Snowman: Full Song


I know it’s a little late, but here ya go! 

TC the Snowman, was a jolly blogging soul, with red glasses and bright blue hair, and two eyes that so weren’t coal!

TC the Snowman, is not really a snowman, they say. Just a Poptropican wearing a costume, that she put together one day.

There must not have been some magic in that red elf hat she found, for when she placed it on her head, nothing happened at all!

Oh, TC the Snowman, was alive as she could be; she has a pulse and keeps breathing, just the same as you and me.

Poppety pop, pop, poppety pop, pop, look at TC go.

Poppety pop, pop, poppety pop, pop, she wishes it would just snow.

TC the Snowman, knew she had a post planned for that day, so she rushed online and began typing, before the day would go away.

Back onto Discord, with her headphones on her ears, talking here and there, all around servers, sayin’, “Today’s new post is here!”

She went right to the PHC, on time for the holiday party; and only paused a moment, when some spammers went cray cray!

But TC the Snowman, had to hurry on her way. She changed back to her normal outfit, the snowman will be back some day!

-Tall Cactus


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