Some #MyPoptropicaCostume Contest Official Updates (Mixed in with My Unofficial Theories)

So a couple hours ago the Creators posted this, and I suggest you read the entire post before continuing:

I show the full link for style, don’t question my quirks!

Done reading yet? Ok, good. But I’m just gonna explain the info the Creators’ Blog post shared anyway. We’ll get to the interesting stuff soon, just hold on.

To make this as short and simple as possible, the Creators are so impressed by the costume contest entires that there are going to be two winners and not just one. The Creators will also pick 20 other costumes, and we get to vote from them to chose the 10 runner-ups. Now that’s just cool. The contest will still end on New Years, so be sure to enter soon, time is running out. Voting will happen in January sometime, and the winners will be announced later during the same month. And if you win, you’ll not only get membership, but your costume will be available to purchase in the Pop Store and an NPC on Home Island will wear it. That’s also cool.

So yeah, that’s the “big news” we got. I mean, it still is big, don’t get me wrong, but I got my hopes up too high; I thought it would be New Pop stuff. Don’t fear though, because one plural word comes to the rescue! Look at this comment Skinny Moon made on the PHB…


Not only does she seem to be hiding something obviously related to New Pop, but as you see above, “THINGS” IS PLURAL. That means more news could be announced tomorrow or Friday. I personally feel like it will be tomorrow, since the Creators love to announce huge things on Thursdays, but Friday is possible too. Just stay tuned!

I would just end this post there, but upon rereading the costume contest update post a couple times, I noticed some small, yet important details. Heck, we may have even learned some info on New Pop! Let me explain…

Exhibit A 


  1. Subscription obvious means the same thing as membership. Without a doubt membership will be on the New Pop…maybe it’ll just be called a subscription instead. #PoptropicaIsYouTubeNow?
  2. The Poptropica Store will also be on the New Pop. More on that later.
  3. Home Island? This could mean one for two things. The first is that an updated version of Home Island will be on the New Pop. The second is that Home Island is only on the Current Pop. There were that New Pop house poll a few months ago, and it’s a totally private island, not a town floating in the sky! And if the second one is true, which it probably is, well, keep reading.

Exhibit B


  1. New Pop (probably) isn’t releasing in 2016, but not in January either. It seems as if January will be devoted to finishing off the costume contest…and the Current, soon to be Old Pop.
  2. So the runner-up’s costumes won’t be added to the store till “later in 2017,” hmm? Well, I think that’s when New Pop will be released: later in 2017. Why else would they wait to add all those costumes to the store? So, I think the New Pop will be released as soon as February, or as late as May or June 2017, or even later than that even. I personally predict it’ll make its debut in March or April…probably without a Home Island. (That’s why the runners-up won’t have NPCs wearing their costumes, but the actual winners will.)

Exhibit C 

Actually, that’s all the evidence I have at the moment. That being said, that’s the end of this post. And just like today, two posts will be published tomorrow! See ya then.

-Tall Cactus


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