Theory Thursdays: 2017 Predictions

2016 is finally coming to a close, Poptropicans. So, so much has happened during this totally crazy year…but what will happen next year? What will happen in 2017?


Before I begin rambling on all my random ideas, I just wanted to make it clear that these predictions are for Poptropica only. As much as I’d love to discuss America’s future and the iPhone 8, that’s not what I blog about, sorry.

Ok, so let’s just start with the predictions that are most likely gonna happen and then go in to the totally crazy zome of things.

New Pop Will Release

The New Pop was supposed to come out “later this year” AKA September-December 2016, but we all know that did not end up happening. This means the New Pop has a 99.9% of coming out in 2017, probably sometime between February and June, maybe later, I don’t know.

Death of the Old Pop

Once New Pop releases in early 2017, the Old Pop may still be available to play, but never updated. Or it could just be deleted/replaced forever, I really don’t know. Just be prepared to say goodbye to the Pop we’ve known for 9 years soon.

Actual Updates

It’s certain that New Pop will release with new islands and other new things that will change Poptropica for the rest of its existence. There probably won’t be too many updates at first, as the New Pop itself is one gigantic upgrade, but after a few weeks or so, there will probably be updates every couple weeks. Pop will finally have fresh content on a regular basis once again; this didn’t happen for much of 2016, sadly.

Graphic Novels #3-4

The 3rd graphic novel, The Secret Society, is going to be available to purchase in book stores in April 2017. There isn’t an official release date for the 4th and possibly last graphic novel yet, but it’ll most likely be in the fall.

I’m just super hyped. The 2nd book ended on a huge cliffhanger and the last two books in the series are sure to be epic! And by epic I mean finding out the real origin of Pop epic. Get ready…

Pop’s 10th Birthday 

If all goes well, Pop will turn 10 years old in September 2017. Yes, a decade old. This is a major birthday as most Flash games like Pop don’t survive nearly as long. I’m positive that the celebration for this milestone will be the biggest one yet, especially since this year’s wasn’t very exciting. Hopes, don’t let me down!

Some Other Random Stuff 

  • New Creators
  • A Redesigned Creators’ Blog
  • Crisis Caverns?!
  • A Third Wimpy Kid Island
  • The Demise of Daily Pop
  • Social Media/Meme References
  • Major Membership Changes
  • Another Contest of Some Sort
  • New Common Room/Multiverse Minigames
  • 100% SUI
  • Lots of Merchandise (if new pop is popular)
  • Skinny Moon Gets New Sweater!

As for my blog, I’ve got a ton of events planned for the first month of the 2017. It’s TCPB’s birthday month, after all. Prepare yourself for a huge surprise when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st!

There’s still gonna be Popular Opinions tomorrow though, lol. See ya then!

-Tall Cactus


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