Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 1)

Happy New Years! Here’s my gift to you, hehe…

And just so you know, the rewritten Pop TV episodes are gonna be much longer, just letting you know.

S1E1 – Questions

Unknown Narrator: Have you ever heard of the world so very similar to our own, yet completely different at the same time. Time doesn’t even seem to make much sense in this place, at least not to us earthlings. Very few people know what Poptropica really is. But that will soon change, all because of one girl…

The episode starts off with an image of Earth, not Poptropica, from space. The camera zooms in to Plainville, Massachusetts. Light snow is falling as a school bus drives down a neighborhood street. At a corner, it stops and a boy and a girl hop off. The boy is short with thick, dark hair, and the girl is taller with wavy, dirty blonde hair that looks golden in the sunlight. However, it isn’t very sunny yet, as it’s only the beginning of March and winter is still going strong. 

Girl: Finally, school’s over! The history teacher though, she’s such a jerk.

Jorge: I just lost my inhaler again. At least you don’t have asthma, Piper.

Piper: True.

They pass by a house with a “Sold” sign in front of it. A moving truck is it its driveway. Two kids are standing there.

Piper: New neighbors! Let’s go introduce ourselves.

Jorge: Okay.

They run up to the new neighbors’ house.

Piper: Hey, I’m Piper, and this is my best friend Jorge!

Jorge: Hi.

Jorge pulls out a chocolate bar and starts eating it. 

Boy: Oh, hello. I’m Oliver, and this is my older sister, Mya.

Mya stares at them with an angry look on her face.

Mya: Can you just go away?

Piper keeps on talking anyway. 

Piper: You two look nothing alike though!

Oliver: She’s my half-sister.

Piper: Oh. Well, it’s nice meeting you, talk to you later…

Piper starts walking to her house down the street. 

Piper: Come on, Jorge! Jorge?

Jorge is seen talking to Oliver and Mya. A tear rolls down Piper’s face, but she quickly wipes it off. 

At Piper’s house…

Piper: Did you hear that two kids just moved into the neighborhood? They look about my age, and-

Piper’s Mom: About that. Piper, there’s something we need to tell you…

Piper: What is it?

Piper’s Mom: We’re moving. This summer.

Piper: Wait, what? Where?

Piper’s Mom: England.

Piper: Why are we moving to England?

Piper’s Mom: One, for your dad’s job, and two, did you even notice my accent? I’m British.

Piper: Oh.

Piper’s Mom: Don’t worry about it right now. We aren’t moving for three months.

Piper: I-I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Piper’s Mom: I understand how you feel, and I love you a lot, but we have to move.

Piper: I love you too…but Mom, I need to tell you something about those new neighbors. Jorge and I were talking to them, and now he-

Just then, Piper’s older sister, Alice, walked downstairs to the kitchen, where Piper and her mother were talking.

Alice: I can’t wait until we move. I love England!

Piper: I’m going to my room…

Alice: I’m going to go drive. The one thing I love more than England is my drivers license! You’ll get one in two years Piper, so please don’t be jealous.

Piper: But what about your family?

Alice: Oh, I love my family too, can’t forget them!

Later that night, Piper is on her phone, waiting for Jorge to respond to her text, when Alice walks in.

Alice: Piper, I need to show you something I found earlier.

Piper: What is it?

Alice: It’s outside, follow me.

Outside, a shiny, golden medallion is sitting there in a snow pile.

Alice: I’m too scared to touch it. What if it’s dangerous?

Piper: Well I’m too scared too. You touch it, you’re older

Alice: But you’re the one who complained about losing that spelling bee in school; about how you didn’t win that medal.

Piper: No, you do it.

Alice: No, you do it.

Piper: No, you do it.

Alice: No, you do it!

Piper: Fine!

Piper slowly touches the medallion. Nothing happens. She then wipes the snow of it; the front has a P on it. 

Piper: The P must stand for my name!

Alice: I doubt that.

Piper picks up the medallion. A blue ribbon is attached to it, so she puts it around her neck. 

Piper: Something feels weird about this…

Alice: Piper, what did you do? Piper?

A flash of light surrounds Piper…and she disappears.

Alice: What did I do?!

Just then Piper and Alice’s dad gets home from work.

Alice: Dad! Help me! Piper is gone!

Piper found herself laying on the ground somewhere. It must have been nighttime here too, as she couldn’t see much. The medallion lay next to her; a shard, maybe 1/7th of the medallion’s total size, was missing. Piper sat up and put the medallion back around her neck, hoping it would bring her back. Nothing happened. She stood up.

Piper: Where am I?!

Woman: Why, you’re in Early Poptropica!

Piper: Early what?

Woman: Early Poptropica

Piper: What’s a Poptropica? Who even are you?

Woman: My name is Amelia.

Piper: Oh, hello Amelia…I’m Piper. I don’t know if I should tell you my last name.

Amelia: What’s wrong?

Piper: I’m lost! Also, stranger danger, why am I even talking to you.

Amelia: Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I just want to help you. Where are you from?

Piper: I don’t know if I should share personal info, but I’m from Earth, obviously. Everyone is from Earth!

Amelia: Earth? I’m sorry Piper, but this isn’t Earth. This is Poptropica.

Piper: But what’s Poptropica?

Amelia: I don’t know how to explain…

Piper: Just help me get back to Plainville! Oops, I shared personal information.

Amelia: I’m sorry but I don’t know what that town is. I’m guessing it’s on Earth, and if it is, I don’t know how to get there. Wait, how did you get here in the first place?

Piper: This medallion.

Amelia: That’s…odd. I hate to say this, but you’re basically stuck here.

Piper starts crying.

Amelia: It’s going to be ok. Calm down, we’ll figure something out…

Boy: Mom! What the heck are you doing?

Piper: Who’s that?

Amelia: Piper, that’s my son, Jack. He’s 14. Jack, that’s…Piper.

Piper: Hey, I’m 14! But can you please leave me alone now?

Amelia: Piper, I can’t just let you stay out here all night. Please come inside with us.

Piper: Inside what?

Amelia: My house.

Piper: I guess I have no choice but to come with you. Where even is your house?

Amelia: You know you’re in our backyard, don’t you…

Piper: I do now.

The next hour consisted of Amelia trying to explain who Piper is to Jack and her husband, Edward. After they finally understood that no one knows what really happened, Amelia made the guest room into Piper’s new room. 

Amelia: Sleep tight. I’ll see you tomorrow…

Piper: I just don’t understand any of this! Like, what even is this Poptropica place? How can I get home?

Amelia: There’s a lot you don’t understand, Piper. There are some things that none of us know. Maybe that will change someday.

Piper: Maybe. But what do you mean ‘none of us knows’?

Amelia: The government tends to hide things from the general public.

Piper: Wait, what?

Amelia: Never mind. I think you should go to bed now, Piper. You have a big day tomorrow, starting a new school and all.

Piper: School? They have school here?

Amelia: Mhm, the local middle school. We just got you enrolled a couple hours ago.

Piper: Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?

Amelia: You sure ask a lot of questions, Piper. Now please go to sleep.

Piper: Ok…

Amelia leaves the guest room and goes downstairs. Jack and her husband, Edward, are watching TV. They turn their heads her way. They had heard Amelia’s entire conversation with Piper.

Amelia: I just want to answer her questions, I just want her to understand.

Edward: But if she knows the truth, who knows how she will react? She could be devastated. As much as we all want to, we can’t tell her yet. We’ll either tell her in a couple months or so once she’s adjusted, or she’ll find out for herself.

Jack: I don’t even know what to say right now.

Edward: I have to admit though, it is true that the government is hiding things from us. Even I have to hide some things from you, you all know I’m a member of the…

Piper (from upstairs): A member of what?

Edward: Okay, we’re all going to bed now.



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