Theory Thursdays: Is Your Poptropican a Celebrity?!

Hey guys, welcome back to Theory Thursdays! The title basically explains it all, so let’s get started with this week’s theory.


Your Poptropican has done a lot of great things in the islands of Poptropica. You just saved a ton of islands, even the world itself a few times, no biggie. But if you saved so many people, why is this never mentioned anywhere but the island you saved in whatever quest you just completed? Is your Poptropican actually a secret celebrity?

The Islands

On basically every Poptropica island, you have to find or do something that ultimately saves the island, the world, or yourself. The smaller scale feats seem to make you a hero on that random island you saved, but does that news reach all of Poptropica?

Some islands did feature you on their media…

  • Super Power – mentioned in local newspaper
  • Counterfeit – also mentioned in local newspaper (maybe, idk)
  • Game Show – mentioned on local TVs
  • some islands I’m forgetting

The thing is, those local newspapers probably never reached the other islands. So, I think it’s safe to assume that only certain islands know how famous you are, and the others, aka the ones you haven’t completed yet, don’t. However, there are two, no, three islands where your fame may have been a worldwide thing, because if there’s one thing people like more than current events and boring news, it’s pop culture.

Reality TV

Reality TV Island, the TV show, not island quest, has had many easter eggs on different islands. For example, a poster advertising the program was seen on Virus Hunter. So when your Poptropican won the show, people all around Planet Poptropica had to see it. Aka you’re famous. Still not convinced? Read on.

Back Lot 

In Back Lot Island, you help produce a movie with the greatest filmmaker of all time. The movie is an instant hit, and you’re followed by a paparazzi of camera people at the end of the island. What more can i say?

Yet, right when you enter the island, people literally say you aren’t famous. Again, that does change at the end of the quest though, and the people of Back Lot Island only seem to care about movies, not heroic people who saved the world.

Poptropolis Games

Although the events from this island aren’t mentioned anywhere else; aide from that magazine on Night Watch, it only talks about artifacts though; the Poptropolis Games are a Poptropican tradition, a competition that only happens once every 100 years on Poptropica’s ancient capital. It’s sort of a big deal. And your Poptropican won. That must mean fame for an entire century, right?

They Always Ask You For Help

There’s something else I’d like to quickly mention: the fact that everyone on every island seems to always ask you for help. Do they already know what you have done on other islands on the past? Why else would they ask you and not somebody else?

Don’t Spoil the Islands!

What if the answer has nothing to do with the evidence I collected above? What if it’s simpler? Here’s another possibility.

Your Poptropica is most likely a well known hero and celebrity, but your famous status just isn’t mentioned when you play a new island. This is because brand new players could play the newest islands first, and the Creators wouldn’t want them to be confused or get spoiled on older islands’ plots.

Hopefully the New Pop will force you to complete the islands in a certain order, so there could be an entire island about you escaping fans and stuff, lol.

But now I feel like both the in-game evidence and my speculations over spoiling islands are true…

In conclusion, your Poptropican is an underrated hero that only is known on certain islands. However, your Poptropican becomes famous from TV shows and movies and sports, not the true heroic acts you did. And none of this is confirmed because the Creators don’t want to spoil island plots for new players. Maybe.

Wait a second…what if your Poptropican hops around all those islands, never truly staying in one place…because you’re trying to escape the paparazzi?

I’d love to explain that in more detail, but this week’s theory is getting a tad too long, per say. So I’m just gonna end it now. See ya next Thursday!

Next Week’s Theory: How Connected are the Islands?

-Tall Cactus


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