The History of TCPB


With TCPB’s birthday right around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to look back on my blog’s nearly year-long history. It’s a post I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, and it took hours to write, so I hope you all enjoy!

Warning: this will be a very, very long post…

January 2016

It all started on January 16th, 2016. That winter night, I decided to finally follow out my dream of owning a Poptropica blog, after months and months of reading others. My first ever post soon followed the creation of the blog itself. It wasn’t very good, but I had to start somewhere!


The next couple weeks were…I don’t even know what word I should use to describe the first month of my blog’s existence, lol. They were interesting, but kinda uneventful at the same time. I made myself a header with Microsoft Paint; finally figured out how to add pictures to posts; began TCPB’s first series, the Ultimate Poptropica Island Showdown, which lasted nearly four or five months and was a big success; and made my worst “theory/story” ever that I wish I could forget.

February 2016

February was pretty darn eventful, to say the least. Two new series debuted: Totem Curse and Theory Thursdays. While my first fan fiction would be cancelled a few months later, Theory Thursdays has been the longest running series on TCPB, and my personal favorite.

Towards the end of February, a new PHC was made, on some site called Discord. I was so scared to join that I only made an account like 3 days after it opened, but I eventually got the courage to do so. And so, for the first time, I was actually communicating with the community, not just in some comment section. I have no regrets.

March 2016

If you didn’t already know, I only started playing Poptropica in late March 2015. So when the first anniversary rolled around, I just had to have a celebration!

But on the last day of March, I confessed that I was too busy with schoolwork and thus was quitting the blog…

April 2016

…and giving ownership to Dr. Hare! APRIL FOOLS!!!

With me quitting blogging just being a joke, I posted a bunch of theories, Totem Curse chapters, and other posts throughout the month. The posts that were news related tended to (mostly) consist of a guy named Speedy Sam and racing him to win sneakers.

But other than the sneakers, nothing was really happening in the game. Towards the end of April, I reached my breaking point and wrote the worst post ever: an all-caps rant about how there were barely any Poptropica updates. Little did I know that the New Pop would be announced just a few mere days later, on April 25th, a date I will never forget.

May 2016

The first half of May was pretty normal on the blog, but the second half kinda started a new beginning for me. And to start anew, some things would have to end.

The Ultimate Poptropica Island Showdown finale was around this time. Mythology Island winning the gold, which wasn’t very surprising to be honest. Either way, I had pretty fun with this series.

Screenshot 2016-05-22 at 9.07.55 AM

Another series also say its demise in May. Halfway through the story, I cancelled Totem Curse. I just couldn’t do it any longer…

June 2016

June had to be the second most fun month in the community. Summer break had begun and I was active as ever! A ton of posts were posted, including a little thing I like to call Theory Week, where I posted theories everyday for a week! Well, I had to end it early I think, but oh well.

There was also the PHB’s Summer Kickoff Party. While it wasn’t hosted on my blog, it was so fun that I just had to mention it. And I didn’t really know what else to say for June.

July 2016

July was a very exciting month in the community: it was finally time for the 2016 Poppies! To my pure excitement, Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog was nominated for Best Active Fan Blog, and I was a nominee for the Community Appreciation award. While I didn’t end up winning Community Appreciation, TCPB won best blog, thanks to you guys. 🙂

On a side note, TCPB’s 6 month anniversary was on the 16th. Soon it’ll be one year!

(July was the most fun month in the community FYI)

August 2016

The last third of summer break brought some exciting updates for TCPB. To start off the month, a new series emerged, known as Spectacular Sunday Surprises. SSS posts are still being published today.

The new Cacti Pop Chat was born just days later, the first Discord server TCPB has had since the spring. But due to some difficulties that I’m explaining, I had to delete CPC soon after its opening. I remade it before October, I just can’t remember when.

The pilot episodes of Pop TV were posted around this time. Those 7 episodes were originally going to be a part of the actual series, but when The Lost Expedition came out and ruined some major plot points, I had to postpone it and rewrite the series from scratch.

I can’t forget to mention that it was in August when I discovered the monstrosity that is Chu Chu TV! While this stupid nursery rhyme YouTube channel has nothing to do with Poptropica, I have made quite a few posts on this blog containing pictures and/or references from some of the videos. Sorry…

September 2016

Ahhh, September, Poptropica’s birthday month! In 2016, Pop turned 9 years old, but unlike years before, the celebration wasn’t quite the best. Especially since it was a tad late and I’m not a cat person. At all.

On TCPB though, I replaced Theory Thursdays with Throwback Thursdays for the entire 9th month of 2016. I basically went back and talked about Pop’s entire history up to that point, and though those posts took so freaking long to write, it payed off.

Blog Jog also began as a way to feature other blogs that deserve more attention.

October 2016

On October 6th, I officially became a teenager. Which is both good and bad, I suppose. But you wanna know what was (mostly) all good? Halloween. To get in the spirit, I made the blog, and my Poptropican all spooky looking, and announced the first TCPB party in a long time…Night of the Evil Robutts.

October 29th. Robert the Robutt Ruler lead his robotic army of 57 or so to take over the Cacti Pop Chat. We tried to stop him, and we had a heck of a lot of fun doing it, but in the end, the Robutts were superior, and CPC ended up getting deleted again.

November 2016

November. What used to be my least favorite month of the year (the no in November) was not actually that bad in 2016, at least blog-wise. It wasn’t the most eventful four or five weeks, but some things did happen. I began another new series, Popular Opinions, which is still around in 2017; wrote a song about Skinny Moon’s green sweater; and tried out Mini Theory Thursdays, even though I only ended up making one post in that format. Oh, and I announced how Pop TV was returning in February 2017. You all know that wasn’t the case though, lol.

December 2016

Deck the blog with Chrismukkah cheer, fa la la la la la la la la. Reopen the new Cacti Pop Chat, fa la la la la la la la la. Time for the Holiday Special, fa la la la la la la la la. And now TC is a snowman, fa la la la la la la la la la.

Did I just type that? Whatever, lol.

January 2017

The new month, and the new year, started out with a bang: I released the first episode of the rewritten Pop TV series, without giving you guys any warning.

TCPB’s First Birthday Month, several events celebrating TCPB’s upcoming 1-year anniversary of being created, has only just begun!

And with that, we end up right back at the present day, at this very post.


This is the first time I posted the same picture twice in one post, lol. 

-Tall Cactus

PS- I will eventually make a TCPB history page with an edited version of today’s post. I’ll probably create it in February sometime, and then update it at the end of every month.


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