Theory Thursdays: How Connected Are The Islands?

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this theory before the announcement of Poptropica Worlds AKA the new New Pop, so some things may be outdated!

Hey guys, welcome back to Theory Thursdays!


When you start making unique graphics for each theory instead of just using the actual Theory Thursday one…

Today we’ll be looking at how connected the Poptropican islands are, and what interactions they have between themselves. Even though each island seems completely separate from the others at first, that probably isn’t the case.

I mean, people on one island have to know that other islands exist, they just have to. So it’s not a question on if the islands are connected, but how they are connected.


I think it’s safe to assume that each island has its own form of government. 24 Carrot and Skullduggery have mayors, Astro Knights has a king and a queen, etc, etc. But, is there an even higher system of government that connects most, if not all, of the islands.

In Lunar Colony, there was literally a Poptropican flag, with a ring of stars around a P and stuff. Since Poptropica is a game that’s made in the US, the stars are almost certain to have the same meaning as the stars on the American flag: each star represents each state, or in this case, each island.


I wouldn’t be too surprised if all the islands form some kind of union. Like, there hasn’t been any wars between them or anything. And again, since Poptropica is an American game, this government would probably be similar to the United States. The states/islands have their own governments and their own laws, but there is a higher government that controls the entire country/planet. I probably didn’t explain that too well, sorry.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the leader of this Poptropica-wide government would most likely be called a president, also like America. Why? Well, in Reality TV, if you read the cover of that magazine you’ll see this…


Yup, Bucky Lucas is running for president. Of Poptropica, probably. Even if it’s just a rumor, it proves that there are presidents. There’s a lot more I have to say about this magazine though, but it may not be till much later in the post.


More proof of a Poptropica-wide government lies within Poptropolis Games. It was literally stated that Poptropolis was the ancient capital of Poptropica, before it sunk into the ocean. I’m guessing there’s a new capital now, but the fact that there was once a Poptropican capital shows that a good amount of the islands were united at some point in history, and probably still are today.

Trade + Travel

Even if there isn’t one big Poptropican government, I’m sure the islands have to trade with each other. Let’s look at 24 Carrot Island for an example. It’s supposedly the home of the world’s most famous carrot farm. When those carries get stolen, the entire island finds itself in debt and poverty, meaning they must have traded those carrots with the other islands for profit.

Let’s not forget that Professor Pendulum, who’s from Time Tangled Island, was said to go on a vacation to Shark Tooth Island. There have been a few other occasions similar to this…

  • One of the boxcars on Mystery Train is full of objects from other islands…


  • A ship from Early Poptropica is seen of the coast of Shark Tooth Island, were the pilgrims trading? There is a box floating in the water so…
  • People from several different islands are seen during the race in Monkey Wrench Island…

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 4.55.51 PM

Those last three pictures were reused from posts originally from February and the spring, so that’s why I have my old outfit on. 

I think we can all agree that the islands are very connected. But let’s look more into it, because there are some other points I would like to make.

Pop Culture

As explained in last week’s theory, pop culture might just be what really connects the islands. Movies, Reality TV, Balloon Boy, Poptropolis Games, you…it’s a pretty long list.

 And is it just me, or is there literally a Poptropica News Network (PNN)? That scene from Super Villain Island didn’t show a news network from a specific island, but one for Poptropica in general…does every island have this channel? I mean, does every island with TV access have this channel?


Poptropica sure loves making parodies and references, because that’s literally the pop version of CNN right there.

The Villains 

Remember the magazine from earlier? Well, Dr. Hare, Binary Bard, Black Widow, and more are mention on the cover and the inside pages, the front cover even advertises an article titled “Dr. Hare: Is He Still in Space?” This shows that people from other islands know what these villains did on their respective islands.

Also, in Super Villain Island, all these villains from different islands were brought together at that secret prison, so all the workers at Erewhon have to know about the other islands, even ones that seem to take place in a different time period.

The Graphic Novel Islands + Islands From Other Time Periods

Here’s when things start to get, well, confusing. Even though I still stand by a post I made back in February, the Frozen in Time Theory, which you can read right here, I feel like there’s a lot more to things. Hopefully we’ll find out when the 3rd graphic novel releases in April.

The Sponsored Islands

They aren’t canon, period. Or they are in separate Realms or universes or something. Either way, they are are not connected to the other islands at all and other people probably have no idea they exist, except your Poptropican, of course.

New Pop

I have a pretty good feeling we will find out the truth very, very soon…



-Tall Cactus



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