News: We Get to Choose a February IotM


Yup, you read the title correctly.

This evening Skinny Moon posted on the good ol’ Creators’ Blog about how we get to vote for one of Febuary’s Islands of the Month: Super Power or Reality TV. Like all previous IotMs, the winner will be featured throughout next month and you’ll get extra credits for completing it, among other things.

I really like how the Creators are letting us contribute to the game more. Over the past several months there have been quite a few official polls- heck, we got to vote for our home on New Pop (now Poptropica Worlds). Not only that, but Skinny Moon came on Discord recently and she’s been reading more and more fan blogs. It’s great to see the Creators listen to their players like this.

Now I’m just wondering what the other Island of the Month will be. To be honest, I have no clue on what it will be, but I really hope it’s Counterfeit or Astro Knights.

Anyways, you can vote here. I chose Reality TV, because I don’t really like Super Power that much, aside from the fact you get to fly around once you complete the island. The poll closes on the 27th of this month at midnight (Eastern Time), so try to get your vote in before it’s too late!

-Tall Cactus


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