Theory Thursdays: The Islands of Poptropica Worlds


Hey guys, welcome back to Theory Thursdays. It has been confirmed that some of the most popular islands from the original Pop will be revamped in Poptropica Worlds. But which ones will they be?

Before we begin, I’d like to mention that islands will be called worlds in Pop Worlds. I had theorized this back when the New Pop’s real name was announced on Wednesday the 11th, and Skinny Moon confirmed it to be true when she came on Discord later that night. However, I will still be using the term “islands” in this post because that’s what I’m used to, and I’m sure you’re used to it too. It’ll just be easier for the sake of this theory. But once the release of Worlds comes closer, I will begin saying “worlds” instead of “islands,” or use them interchangeably.

So now that we’ve gotten the terminology down, we can continue with the theory.

The Most Popular Islands (and SUIs)

The following islands will most likely be revamped in Poptropica Worlds. Not 100% sure, though. I made the predictions based on their locations on the map (the most popular islands are on the front pages) and the fact that most of them are SUIs.

  • Mythology
  • PoptropiCon
  • Zomberry
  • Monster Carnival
  • Spy
  • Survival
  • Escape From Pelican Rock
  • Monkey Wrench
  • Home Island, but with an actual home on it
  • Astro-Knights (it’s just gotta be in Worlds…)
  • Reality TV? (I have no clue)
  • a ton of islands I’m forgetting

Some Other Guarantees 

  • Skullduggery – Captain Crawfish, a Creator’s alias, debuts in this islands. Unless he quits or gets a new alias, Skullduggery has to be in Poptropica Worlds.
  • Counterfeit – Same for Black Widow, although I’m not sure if she’s still a Creator or not. Either way, she is a very popular villain in general, I don’t see why they would get rid of her.

24 Carrot Island

24 Carrot has a 99.9999999999999999999999999% chance of being in Poptropica Worlds, period. Let me go through all the evidence…

  • Remember that gif/picture from the original post announcing a New Poptropica on April 25th, 2016? The bunny slippers have to be Dr. Hare.


  • Speaking of Dr. Hare, he’s like, the mascot of Poptropica.
  • And then there are those Daily Pop sneak peaks from a while back. They are obviously of a remade 24 Carrot island, am I right? They just look so similar…


  • etc, etc, etc…

The Islands That Will (Probably) Die…

These are some of the most unpopular islands, meaning they have a pretty high chance of never being in Poptropica Worlds, at least not at first. Actually, most of the islands below have 50/50 chances of being “killed,” and I probably forgot to even mention a bunch more. Most of the SUIs and even a few classics should be safe, but there are some exepections…

  • SOS
  • Twisted Thicket
  • Vampire’s Curse (???)
  • Lunar Colony (50/50 chance)
  • Misson Atlantis (50/50 chance)
  • Back Lot (50/50 chance)
  • Mocktropica (50/50 chance)
  • Virus Hunter (oh please just get rid of this island…)
  • Steamworks (:()
  • Game Show
  • Cryptids (50/50 chance)
  • Wild West (50/50 chance)
  • Early Poptropica (it’s the first island so idek)
  • Shark Tooth (???)
  • Super Power (50/50 chance)
  • Time Tangled (I have no freaking clue about this one)
  • all the sponsored islands?
  • a bunch of islands I forgot

If some of your favorite islands are on this list, I suggest you go replay them before spring comes and Worlds releases. However, apparently the current Pop isn’t going anywhere, so they may still be avail to play on the original Pop, just not Pop Worlds, I’m not sure.

What About the Sponsored Islands?!

I just don’t see the sponsored islands being in Worlds. With the new Poptropican art style and it being an entirely new game and stuff, I feel like the Creators are busy enough with making new islands and remaking the most popular old ones. Maybe sponsored islands will be in Worlds some time after it releases, as the original Pop didn’t start up with 40+ islands, or they won’t be in it at all, again, I’m not sure.

So yeah, that wraps up the first Poptropica Worlds theory post. I know it wasn’t the best, but I’m sure these theories will improve as we get more information. Much, much more is to come…

-Tall Cactus



3 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: The Islands of Poptropica Worlds

  1. Okay, so this is legit, but a few of these might be wrong. On Jeff Heim’s SoundCloud, he posted a few Twisted Thicket and Super Power sound tracks. Super Villain most likely will thrive, but with as a remake, possibly with new villains. And if they get rid of Vampires Curse, I will riot.
    As usual, you give a pretty summary of what the community is expecting. #TC4PopPrez


  2. I see Cryptids Island and Lunar Colony being remade. If they got their own books, they must be popular. Both of those islands were iconic. They need to be in Poptropica Worlds! And we can always play them on Old Pop if they’re not.


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